Season 7 Episode 11

Wrong Side of the Tracks

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Jan 22, 2007 on The CW

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  • This show was about Lynn becoming a big name in the recording industry by producing tracks on Big Boi's new album but the other shoe drops and it doesn't happen. Also Darnell has to go work at his own garage with a high school enemy.

    This episode was great. Joan and William's story line was VERY tacked on at the end and seemed like an after thought because all they really talked about was how proud they were of Lynn. I believe that they may have had less air time and words than Monica (I know William did but I'm not sure about Joan, but this happened in the episode "Just Joan" where everyone else had no lines.) But anyway, the episode star, Lynn was very up and down by first getting tracks on BB's album and then not so at the end she was having an emotional breakdown and the person you would least expect to help her did, Monica. Monica showed that she is not a mean person and she can be nice.
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