Girls Behaving Badly

Oxygen (ended 2005)


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  • this has done so much for women in the ways of comedy... so much to set them back.

    This show is so cheesy that I can't believe people actually find it funny. I think this show is a horrible set back for woman in the comedy world, if not just woman in general, maybe even a set back for all comedians from the U.S. I have watched when it's on late and nothing is on, and there wasn't one thing funny, it was like 3rd grade humor, like the guys in the limo in Vegas and things like that. I guess people have different tastes, but I'm not sure how their material is funny. I think it's a good concept even though the concept has been overdone too, but it still could be alright if it just wasn't so cheesy.
  • This show rocks for everyone who enjoys a good prank - male or female.

    This is my altime favorite comedy show! I cannot stop laughing and although I sometimes feel sorry for the ones being pranked, I so totally love the reactions and the pranks. I have thought of tons of pranks that can be done and I would so LOVE to be on this show! Can someone get me onto this show? PLEASE!
  • Who the hell made this ripoff.

    "Girls Behaving Badly" is like Candid Camera for idiots. You just have someone wanting to play a stupid prank on someone they know and it usualy winds up being... in the kindest word completely ******* stupid. Luckily it has been canceled but where I live it is constantly syndicated in the morning and on weekends. God please get this off the air.
  • This is a syndicated show that comes on late at night and is kind of like punked but a lot lower budget

    and all the actors are girls. They get regular people to set up their friends in family in candid camera fashion. It's an OK show. There aren't very many LOL moments though. A lot of the skits aren't executed perfectly-and the punchline falls kinda flat. Some of the pranks are more strange than funny, though.
  • Girls Behaving Badly is one of the funniest shows ever!

    I hardly ever watch TV anymore because I thought that I was getting bored of it and a lot of it was so overdone (seen it a million times) and was not very funny. In fact, I can count on one hand the programs that I can actually stand to watch or think that are mildly funny.
    Today, my boyfriend was watching TV and left the house with the TV on. I came out of my computer room to answer the phone and started watching your show as I hung up the phone. I was instantly intrigued and giddy as I watched each skit/trick that was shown. I was actually laughing out loud and almost in tears after it was revealed to each person that they were set up!!
    Your show is so funny, and I\'m glad that I now have a favorite show and a reason to watch TV again!
    The only other feedback that I have other than to tell you how great of a show it is, is that it should be an hour long with less commercials.

    Thanks for the comedy! - Again, great show!
  • this show rock!

    I love shows like Punk'd but this is the pinnacle of shows of this genre. The show consists of a number of women who pull pranks on random people on the street. My favorite prankster is Chelsea. She is so dirty. So uninhibited. She lets everything go. She' willing to look so stupid to give her audience a laugh. The pranks are genius. My favorite one is dodge ball Girl with hilarious Kira. dodge ball Girl goes to a mall and she hits a hired actor with a dodge ball then blames an unsuspecting person. Sometimes she gives the ball to a person and orders him to throw the ball and the person doesn't hesitate to throw it.

    I hope this show stays on forever. This show has been on for a long time and they are still able to find people who don't recognize them.

  • This show is about girls who play extremely, outrageously, funny pranks on total strangers on the hit television station, Oxygen.

    I don't know why this show got such a low rating. I gave it an 8.2, its not the greatest, but i freakin laughed my tooshie off! I was bored and didnt want to sleep one night at around 11, I flipped through the channels and the show caught me by surprise. It reminded me of Viva La Bam or Punk'd. But they got me laughing so hard, i woke up my sister.