Girls Bravo

(ended 2007)


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  • Season 2
    • Final Bravo!
      Final Bravo!
      Episode 13
      Yukinari, Kirie, Tomoka, Fukuyama, and Lisa go through the gate to Seiren. One by one, the group gets seperated, until Yukinari and Kirie make it to the Space-Time Administration Bureau. There, Yukinari meets Yukina.
    • Going to Seiren is Bravo!
      When Miharu goes missing, Fukuyama has his satellite surveilance system show what happened outside the house some time ago. It seems that Hiziri-sensei came in the house and that a light came from the bathroom. Tomoka and Koyomi deducts that not only was Miharu taken back to Seiren, but she was also arrested by the Secret Service. Koyomi reveals truths that are so shocking that everone went their seperate ways. Yukinari has hit the hardest. Everyone gets back together for the sake of getting Miharu back. They then come into contact with Maharu and Section Leader Nanae, who tell the gang that there is a way for them to come to Seiren.moreless
    • Bravo at the Pool!
      Bravo at the Pool!
      Episode 12
    • Present is Bravo!
      Present is Bravo!
      Episode 11
      Miharu goes out to secretly buy presents for everyone. Meanwhile, at Yukinari's house, things get really wild. Then, everone realizes that Yukinari's hives are gone!
    • The Afternoon of a Sunny Day is Bravo!
      Koyomi sees a man on TV that may actually be her father. So, she goes out on her own to find him.
    • School Festival is Bravo!
      Maharu grows frustrated by the lack of communication between her and Tomoka and Koyomi. She decides to let off some steam by taking a bath. Thanks to Miharu's strange power, Maharu is magically transported from her bathroom to Yukinari's bathroom, i.e. Earth. And just in time too, because it's time for the Mizuno High School festival!moreless
    • Bunny Ear is Bravo!
      In this alternate reality, the setting is in England. Kirie, Miharu, and Koyomi are managers of the Cafe Nap Rabbit by day and are part of the group of thieves known as the Phantom Rabbit by night. Tomoka works at the Cafe Nap Rabbit and wants to be a Phantom Rabbit member, but nobody will let her be part of it. Fukuyama is Stockland Yard's top detective who is bent on capturing Phantom Rabbit. Machida is a millionaire who is targeted by criminals for his valuable Golden Mamo Ranger Mask. Lisa is Machida's daughter, and she has been kidnapped by the Phantom Thief Black Snow. As for Yukinari...moreless
    • Playing Mahjong is Bravo!
      Yukinari and the girls are spending the day at home, and Tomoka grows bored of it. She wants to play a game, and an adult one at that. So, here comes Fukuyama and the game of Mahjong. However, his version of the game comes with a surprising (and perverted) twist!
    • Rabbit Ears Bravo!
    • Part-Time Job is Bravo!
      It seems that Yukinari's bathtub broke (it was because of Miharu's strange power). To get the money to fix it, Miharu, Koyomi, and Kirie are working part-time as showcase girls for the event. Kirie tricks Yukinari into being a showcase girl in the guise of Yukina. Kirie also has Fukuyama do some perverted things to Yukinari - er, I mean... Yukina.moreless
    • If We're Together, It's Bravo!
      Tomoka gets sick of Kirie treating her like a child and not an adult. Tomoka runs away at first, but she meets Fukuyama, and the two decide to secretly help Kirie behind the scenes, both hoping to get something from her.
    • Cleaning is Bravo!
      Yukinari, Miharu, and Kirie meet the Mamo Ranger! His real identity is Mamoru Machida, the chairman of Mizuno High School's cleaning committee, and he seriously goes overboard when it comes to litterbugs.
    • Bravo on First Date!
      Yukinari and Miharu go on a "date" together. Unbeknownst to them, Fukuyama and Kirie are following them.
    • Fight Bravo!
      Fight Bravo!
      Episode 2
      Fukuyama blackmails Kirie into entering the Girls' Fight, a tournament in which females from all over the world battle it out. Along the way, Kirie will have to fight Kosame and the current champion of the Girls' Fight.
    • Bravo in the Swimming Pool!
      A day at the school swimming pool becomes into a disaster when Kazuharu Fukuyama turns the pool into his own personal harem. Things get weird when Fukuyama and Yukinari switch bodies, thanks to Risa's black magic. It's the first episode of Girls Bravo: Second Season!
  • Season 1