Girls Bravo

(ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Bravo from the Bathtub!
      A boys' reflection appears on the water's surface in the bathtub. A beautiful girl, Miharu, wonders about the boy. The name of the boy in her thoughts is Yukinari Sasaki. He is a junior at Mizuno High School. Due to a childhood experience, he has become fearful of girls, and he continues to get harassed by female students at school. Returning home tired, Yukinari immediately goes off to take a bath. There, he finds his childhood friend, Kirie Kojima, wrapped in a bath towel!moreless
    • Bravo at School!
      Bravo at School!
      Episode 2
      Yukinari, along with Miharu, returns to Earth from the city of green forest, "Seiren." He ends up taking care of Miharu for a while. Miharu really enjoys the bread she had for breakfast, so Yukinari promises her that he'll buy her some bread from the school's store. Miharu gets impatient and she spontaneously takes off headed to Mizuno High School. Waiting at school was that super pervert, "Kazuharu Fukuyama!"moreless
    • Cooking Is Bravo!
      Being afraid of girls, Yukinari breaks out in a rash whenever he's touched by a girl. However, Miharu is the only girl who can touch him without causing any rash. From the morning, he and Miharu vow to each other to conquer this disease. Due to the arrangements made by Kazuharu Fukuyama, Miharu becomes a student at Mizuno High School, and Yukinari and Kirie take her along with them to school. On the way to school, Yukinari unexpectedly bumps into a girl. The girl one-sidedly decides that her meeting with Yukinari was a meeting of fate. What is her true identity?moreless
    • Bravo in the Mansion!
      Taking along a homemade packed lunch, Kirie visits Yukinari's house. There, she finds Yukinari all dumbfounded and cowardly. It looks like Miharu cannot be found. Yukinari is afraid that perhaps she went back to Seiren after getting fed up with him. Kirie gets irritated watching Yukinari like that, and she tells him that she has a rough idea as to where Miharu went. Miharu went to a place that looked like a palace -- the magnificently luxurious Fukuyama mansion!moreless
    • Bravo on a Rainy Day! (Part 1)
      Yukinari, Miharu and Kirie find a young girl passed out in Yukinari's bathroom. Her name is Koyomi; she has amnesia and has a fear of men. So, when Fukuyama starts chasing her around, Yukinari and company try to find Koyomi before he does. Slowly, she retains pieces of her memory and what her mission is.moreless
    • Bravo on a Rainy Day! (Part 2)
      Koyomi was sent to Earth to find Miharu and return with her to Seiren within 36 hours. With 12 hours left, Koyomi is left in a tough situation. Should she stay or should she go? Miharu agrees to go back with Koyomi to Seiren. And so, everyone went back to the way things were before Miharu came to Earth. But instead, they all feel very depressed. In the end, big sister Maharu lets Miharu return to earth, back to Yukinari. Koyomi also comes back to Earth, and she brings along another girl.moreless
    • Bravo Searching for a Husband!
      Koyomi and the new girl, Tomoka, are requested by Maharu to find her a husband. However, Lisa thinks that Koyomi is a love rival to her for Yukinari.
    • Bravo with a Huge Quantity!
      When Miharu drinks an alcoholic liquid that was supposed to be used for a science project in school, she develops multiple hungry copies of herself! So, while Yukinari tries to find the real Miharu, Kirie, Fukuyama, and the entire food market district try to stop the clones from eating all the food!moreless
    • Bravo at the Great Magic War!
      In an effort to prove just how powerful her magic is, Tomoka transforms Ebi into a little girl! When Lisa takes it upon herself to protect the tiny cutie from pushy Tomo, a spellbinding battle ensues.
    • Bravo in the Great Magical War!
      Tomoka shows off her magical powers by changing Ebi into a little human girl. Also, Lisa's past about how she got into black magic is revealed.
    • Bravo in the Hot Springs!
      Yukinari and the girls head for the hot springs. But after a couple of incidents, they end up at an old inn, which is owned by the Fukuyama family. So, naturally, Yukinari and company run into Fukuyama and Lisa. The Fukuyama siblings devise a plan to get what they want. Lisa will get Yukinari, and Fukuyama will get to peep on the other girls in the hot springs. But, there's one problem with this plan: the hot spring is haunted by the ghost of a young girl.moreless
    • Ping-Pong Is Bravo!
      Fukuyama is ruining the gang's hot springs fun! If any relaxation is to be had, Yukinari and Koyomi must beat him at ping-pong. What's on the line if they lose? Kirie's dignity!
    • Bravo in a Ping-Pong Match!
      Continuing from the events of the last episode, Yukinari and the girls continue to have fun on their vacation. However, Koyomi is acting rather melancholy lately. Later at night, the gang discovers that the inn they are staying at is actually owned by Kazuharu Fukuyama, who turns the hot springs into co-ed baths. So, Kirie challenges him to a duel in the form of a ping-pong match. Fukuyama defeats Kirie easily, thanks to Lisa's black magic. So, in the interest of fairness, Fukuyama will have Yukinari and Koyomi face him together. But, Yukinari gets knocked unconscious in the first round, so it's all up to Koyomi! It's the final episode of the first season of Girls Bravo!moreless
  • Season 2