Girls Bravo

Season 2 Episode 13

Final Bravo!

Aired Unknown Apr 14, 2005 on
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Episode Summary

Final Bravo!
Yukinari, Kirie, Tomoka, Fukuyama, and Lisa go through the gate to Seiren. One by one, the group gets seperated, until Yukinari and Kirie make it to the Space-Time Administration Bureau. There, Yukinari meets Yukina.
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  • The series finale is both great and dissapointing.

    The episode is the most serious one yet with little humor, yet still tons of naked chicks.

    Though I liked the episode, I couldn't help but feel a little dissapointed with the ending. It's left so wide open for anything else to happen next.

    I guess that's good because it's happy for everyone. But come on, 2 seasons...24 episodes?! That's really just one season damn it!

    I guess it's good it all ended happy, but it's too open. The least they could do is have one more season and get characters hooked up with one another.

    Yukinari has several girls after him for god's sake! You can't just end it without him even kissing Miharu...that doesn't make any sense. The woman who has had a crush on him for years doesn't have closure, nor does Lisa, or Miharu or anyone.

    It sucks, but at least it's happy and we can imagine what happened. Still not the same, but it will do. I don't think there will ever be an anime as great as this one again.

    Oh well...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Yukinari: "My name is Sasaki Yukinari. Ever since I was small, I have always been bullied by girls. Before I knew it, I got an idiosyncrasy of breaking out in hives when I touch a girl. However, from now on, I think I can get along with this annoying disease. Because, really... to tell the truth... girls are wonderful!"

    • Fukuyama: "Paradise!"

  • NOTES (8)

    • The people who don't go to Seiren with Yukinari are Koyomi (she has to keep the gate open), Hayate, Kosame, and Lilica.

    • Yukina is essentially the female version of Yukinari; she has the same eyes as him, she's short, she is not particularly muscular (i.e. her breasts aren't big), and she gets hives when touched by the opposite sex.

    • Hiziri-sensei is actually a lesbian.

    • The commercial card is placed after the epilogue. The card shows Yukinari and Miharu with "Thank you very much!" written.

    • There is an epilogue after the ending credits.

      It's morning, and Miharu tries to get Yukinari out of bed. She finds Yukina sleeping with Yukinari, whose hives have returned.

      Hiziri-sensei is now attracted to Kirie, but Kosame and Fukuyama aren't going to let this go idly by. Risa is also still in love with Yukinari.

      Koyomi is reunited with her father and the snake she befriended in the episode, "Playing Mahjong is Bravo!"

      Tomoka, Lilica, and Hayate are drinking tea. Maharu explains that the gate between Earth and Seiren is now fully connected, so she uses this to her advantage to find herself a husband.

      Yukinari takes a look at a photo of the entire group and leaves in thought. "Girls are wonderful!"

    • The scenes used during the ending credits are composed of scenes from throughout the series.

    • The opening theme does not play at the beginning of the episode. Instead, it is played during the ending credits.

    • This is the series finale of Girls Bravo!