Girls Bravo

Season 2 Episode 7

Playing Mahjong is Bravo!

Aired Unknown Mar 03, 2005 on
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Episode Summary

Playing Mahjong is Bravo!
Yukinari and the girls are spending the day at home, and Tomoka grows bored of it. She wants to play a game, and an adult one at that. So, here comes Fukuyama and the game of Mahjong. However, his version of the game comes with a surprising (and perverted) twist!moreless
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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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      • When the losers take their "walk of shame", Hayate is the only one of them who wasn't wearing anything silly; he was still dressed in his black suit.

      • In the anime, when Fukuyama lost the last game, he was forced into walking around the neighborhood while wearing nothing but a loincloth. In the manga, however, Fukuyama wore a Playboy bunny outfit after he lost.

        Also, in the manga, only Fukuyama was punished, unlike in the anime in which Yukinari, Lisa, and Kosame were punished with Fukuyama.

      • In the manga, Tomoka, Koyomi, and Hayate did not play Mahjong. In fact, Tomoka and Hayate (or Kosame) haven't been introduced into the story at this point in the manga. So, in the manga version of this episode, the only ones who played the game were Yukinari, Fukuyama, Miharu, and Kirie.

      • After the ending credits and before the preview of the next episode, there is a scene in which Ebi recreates the situation from earlier in the episode. He exclaims how Tomoka would have won and gained an early advantage. Tomoka, sleeping, says, "Being human is not as convenient as you think."

      • In this episode, Ebi-chi's thoughts are heard. He has a deep masculine voice.

      • Koyomi makes friends with the snake wrapped around her.

      • Character featured for the commercial break: Risa.

      • The only ones who didn't play Mahjong in the episode are Lisa and Kosame.

    • ALLUSIONS (5)

      • The horror movie that Kirie, Yukinari, Miharu, Koyomi, and Tomoka (finds boring) are watching is an obvious reference to the 1984 Wes Craven horror film, A Nightmare On Elm Street, hence the character in a bathtub with the monster quoting, "Welcome to my nightmare!"

      • Tomoka's and Hayate's costumes look similar to the mechs of Mobile Suit Gundam fame.

      • The wrestling move that Kirie uses on Fukuyama resembles Chris Benoit's Crippler Crossface submission hold.

      • One of the tiles said "Freya." In Norse mythology, Freya is the goddess of love and fertility. She is the most beautiful and propitious of all the goddesses.

      • Mahjong terms used in the episode:

        Atari(pai) - the tile that leads to a player's victory.

        Ron - this is said when a player wins by taking in a discarded tile from another player.

        Tsumo - this is said when a player wins by picking up the winning tile himself instead of taking a tile from another player.

        Tenhou - this is a situation in which a player already starts out with a winning tile combination.