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  • Awesome show

    Well the part of the shep that really pisses me off is how yukinori was crying about how miharu left even though he had 2 Beaty beautiful gules almost allways right next to him so for the last 2 or 3 episodes I hated him. Kirie was allways aroun him and comforting him hitting and bullying him so much that I didn't believe how he didn't know she liked her, the second to last episode didn't make really that much sense, Segway as about to cry because he got over his thing about girls and she was obviously special to him. Kirie should have allways been with yukinari or that's what I thought because she's allways loved him.
  • It's okay!

    I like it. But, there are things I could do to make it better. Like make Kurriay more gentle with Yukinari. And make Yukinari confident and attractive to women and not allergic to them. And take out one person I hate on this, also known as Kasaharu Fukayama! I want him to die!
  • Yukinari is a young frail boy with a disease not found in any medical journal...he is the victim of (humorly ironic) the cooties. after being teased endlessly by girls he suddenly breaks out in severe hives when a girl touches or comes close to him.

    Yukinari is a young frail boy with a disease not found in any medical journal...he is the victim of (humorly ironic) the cooties. after being teased endlessly by girls he suddenly breaks out in severe hives when a girl touches or comes close to him...that is until his neighbor Kirie, a young extremely well endowed school friend inadvertenly knocks him unconcious in his own which he wakes up infront of a beautiful naive girl named Miharu who has pink hair and three orange dots in a triangle form on her forehead, (and is the only one who can touch Yukinari without him breaking out in hives,) and like Kirie, is extremely well endowed and has the utmost stalker style attraction to Yukinari. Miharu resides on the practically invisible planet of Seiren which from where Yukinari stares at the Earth in disbelief.... this is where the story really begins, twists and turns are many on the journey, secrets reveiled, friendships made, and lots of down home innocent (yet slightly) erotic humor are unveiled in this must see for those 16+ in age or those who have brains in their heads to see beyond the not too outrageous animated nudity and understand the full story. All in all, if your an anime fan with young kids, use discreation wisely or wait till their asleep first. my personal rating TVMA 16+ viewer discreation advised
  • Fukinari is allergic to girls, but finds himself surrounded by them and the perverted Fukuyama.

    I saw the Girls Bravo series dubbed just recently and I am glad I found it. It's funny stuff. It's not a serious show in any way, it's completely ridiculous and harmless. There is nudity (every epsiode starts in a bath) and there is a very perverted antagonist (Fukuyama is awesome), but it is for the most part pretty harmless, like an old Benny Hill skit. The whole premise and all the characters are absurd but they lead to a lot of funny moments and a few hilarious ones. There is around twenty episodes, so it gets going, has some nonsense filler episodes and wraps up. More shows should shoot for 20-30 episodes and drive towards that. Girls Bravo sets a standard for short ridiculous shows.
  • Girls Bravo has lots of nudity and lots of comedy. Some people may not realize it also has lots of heart. A boy who is allergic to girls due to past experiences meets a girl who does not give him his "girl rash" for some odd reason.

    Girls Bravo is my favorite anime of all time and one of my top 5 favorite shows ever!
    It's got everything I could ever ask for in a show: Top-knotch humor, a man-man or as some refer to it as a 'pervert', heart, hot females, and most importantly nude hot females.
    The show provides a ton of humor, and then some emotional stuff every now and then that really makes you feel for the characters. They do a good job of it too.
    My only complaint about the show is that there were only 2 seasons(24 episodes total) that's just one season for most shows.
    Why didn't they make more seasons? I have no idea. Doubt they ran out of ideas. They have so much to work with. I don't understand it.
    Well it's a great show and I'll pray for a third season, though I know it will never come.
  • More girls than you can count and nudity without hesitation. It is not x rated in anyway however it is a bit perverted. The story makes up for the nudity in abundance though.

    Wow! Talk about getting rid of your inhibitions! This is definitely a show for a more mature group of viewers. There is a great deal of nudity and sexuality in the series but looking way beyond that the story is awesome with characters that are as funny as they are serious. The nudity and sexuality in the series is not important it provides for a more interesting environment for the characters to interact with. It is also there to bring to surface the taboos of being nude in general. Time and again the main character, Yukinari, is beaten up, injured, or just plain in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is allergic to all women but one, Miharu, doesn’t affect him for some reason. This is an awesome story but be prepared for a different kind of viewing experience one that will push the taboo of being nude. I greatly enjoy this show and anyone willing to put the taboo aside like me it is well worth the watch! Enjoy!
  • you should watch this show

    This is a great show if you like comedy and T & A what its about is a kid named Ukinari goes to a world were less than 10 percent of the worlds population is male when he goes their he meets a girl named Meharu and her sister Maharu there an the world which is called Sayrin Ukinari is beaten up chased by a mob of girls and finally blown across the world a couple of things you need to know about before you watch this it has nudity and this guy who is surrounded by lots of hot maids and is a milliner has to go after all the girls that Ukinari is living with so if you like T & A this is the show for you.
  • Brilliance Brilliance.

    Brilliance Brilliance. Absolute brilliance. I haven't seen such performances on tv since the time...I can't even envision a time when I had so much fun watching this show. Highly recommended!!!I love the movie based on the music, story, direction.All these three are very good.I love love this movie very much.
  • All I have to say for this anime series is "Bravo!"

    Pros: girls, girls, and more girls with unbelievably huge racks; ridiculous and funny; fan service

    Cons: you'll feel dirty while you watch it; doesn't really add anything new to the ecchi genre

    By now, almost every anime fan out there has at least heard of ecchi/hentai/ero-ero anime, which subjects girls to panty shots and even explicit nudity.

    In Girls Bravo, a short kid named Sasaki Yukinari has gynophobia, the fear of women, after spending years of being bullied by girls. Whenever a female touches him, he breaks out into hives. When Yukinari and his childhood friend, Kojima Kirie, get into a misunderstanding (Kirie thought that Yukinari was peeping on her while she was taking a bath), she knocks him into next week, or rather another world called Seiren, where over 90% of the population is made up of girls! On this new planet, Yukinari meets a young girl named Miharu, whose touch does not seem to trigger Yukinari's hives. When Yukinari and Miharu find their way to Earth, that's when all the misadventure starts!

    Girls Bravo does a good job of delivering fan service like numerous underwear shots and total nudity (of the girls, duh!). In fact, the show sometimes goes overboard with the hardcore nudity. When GB first aired on Japanese television, the first season was heavily edited. But the censors lightened up and let the second season air uncut.

    The characters are all unique and have... distinctive qualities to them. Miharu, Kirie, and most of the other girls are very stacked to the point where you think they had implants, but their breasts are the real deal. As for the guys... ah, who cares? It's really all about the girls, girls, girls! The show is called Girls Bravo for the love of Ecchi!

    Anyway, the interesting characters each bring their unique personalities to the mix and give the audience some great B-movie comedy.

    On the downside, it's hard to ignore the fact that GB can and will make you feel really dirty when you watch it. Since it's an ero-ero anime, the majority of the people who will most likely watch this show are perverted. Moreover, GB doesn't really do anything new that hasn't been done in other hentai anime.

    But who cares? At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Girls Bravo is all about the girls, girls, girls!