Girls Bravo

(ended 2007)


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  • Girls Bravo has lots of nudity and lots of comedy. Some people may not realize it also has lots of heart. A boy who is allergic to girls due to past experiences meets a girl who does not give him his "girl rash" for some odd reason.

    Girls Bravo is my favorite anime of all time and one of my top 5 favorite shows ever!
    It's got everything I could ever ask for in a show: Top-knotch humor, a man-man or as some refer to it as a 'pervert', heart, hot females, and most importantly nude hot females.
    The show provides a ton of humor, and then some emotional stuff every now and then that really makes you feel for the characters. They do a good job of it too.
    My only complaint about the show is that there were only 2 seasons(24 episodes total) that's just one season for most shows.
    Why didn't they make more seasons? I have no idea. Doubt they ran out of ideas. They have so much to work with. I don't understand it.
    Well it's a great show and I'll pray for a third season, though I know it will never come.