Girls Bravo

(ended 2007)


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  • Fukinari is allergic to girls, but finds himself surrounded by them and the perverted Fukuyama.

    I saw the Girls Bravo series dubbed just recently and I am glad I found it. It's funny stuff. It's not a serious show in any way, it's completely ridiculous and harmless. There is nudity (every epsiode starts in a bath) and there is a very perverted antagonist (Fukuyama is awesome), but it is for the most part pretty harmless, like an old Benny Hill skit. The whole premise and all the characters are absurd but they lead to a lot of funny moments and a few hilarious ones. There is around twenty episodes, so it gets going, has some nonsense filler episodes and wraps up. More shows should shoot for 20-30 episodes and drive towards that. Girls Bravo sets a standard for short ridiculous shows.