Girls Bravo

Season 2 Episode 9

School Festival is Bravo!

Aired Unknown Mar 17, 2005 on
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School Festival is Bravo!
Maharu grows frustrated by the lack of communication between her and Tomoka and Koyomi. She decides to let off some steam by taking a bath. Thanks to Miharu's strange power, Maharu is magically transported from her bathroom to Yukinari's bathroom, i.e. Earth. And just in time too, because it's time for the Mizuno High School festival!moreless
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    • Maharu: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

    • Koyomi: We haven't found a husband for Maharu yet. If she could see us right now...

      Tomoka: Koyo, don't be a stick-in-the-mud!

      Koyomi: Stick-in-the-mud?

      Tomoka: Yeah! Just chill out about that promise we made to Maharu already!

      Koyomi: You think I...should chill out?

      Tomoka: Think about it: Maharu can't come to Earth without permission from the Space Management Bureau back on Seiren, right? And they're not gonna let her come over here; they know better than to let that man-crazy goofball run amok. There's nothing wrong with having a little fun! Who's gonna know?

      Koyomi: (giggles) I guess you're right!

      Tomoka: See, aren't you glad you came?

      (Maharu is standing behind them at this point.)

      Koyomi: Uh-huh, I'm going to forget all about Maharu today and have some fun for a change--that crotchity old maid!

      Maharu: Really? So, this Maharu person is a crotchity, old maid is she?

      (Tomoka drops the tray of food she's eating, realizing Maharu's behind them.)

      Koyomi: Oh, yeah! We wouldn't be here except for Maharu.

      (Tomoka looks panic-stricken.)

      Koyomi: She asked us for a really big favor and so we had to come to Earth! It's all her fault we're on this planet! Maybe if she weren't so mean, she'd actually find a man who could put up with her.

      (Koyomi looks up at Maharu, but doesn't realize it's her because her glasses have blurred her vision.)

      Maharu: Wow! So, tell me something...

      Koyomi: Uh-huh?

      Maharu: (removes Koyomi's glasses and smiles at her) What's this bitch look like?

    • Girl: (Pointing at Maharu, who's wearing nothing but a drape for a dress) Boobies!

      (The girl's mother drops her purse and gasps.)

      Maharu: Huh?

      Mother: Where did you learn that word, young lady? Get over here!

    • Maharu: Okay! Let's go get me a man!

    • Maharu: "Nice timing!"

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