Girls in Love

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Girls in Love

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Girls In Love, seen through the eyes of 13 year old Ellie Allard, is about the important things in life: friends, fun and kissing boys! As narrator, Ellie tells the story of the lives of herself and her best friends, Nadine and Magda, with wicked honesty and comic insight. Life through Ellie's eyes is embarrassing, desperately miserable and fantastically exciting! Based on Jaqualine Wilson's hit book, Girls in Love.

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AIRED ON 5/20/2005

Season 2 : Episode 13

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  • Is it really a returning series or has it ended and nobody updated it?

    Girls in Love is an awesome show.. when I was a young lass I loved Jacqueline's books.. especially Double Act.. so to find out that she was the inspiration for Girls in Love (after I had stumbled upon it and fallen in love with it).. it made perfect sense! The 3 girls and gorgeous and I love Ellies hair.. but think that she really needs to develop better taste in boys.. shes way prettier than any of them are! Her drawings are adorable and her narration allows the viewer to really enter her world and understand where she is coming from!moreless
  • Girls In Love, seen through the eyes of Ellie Allard, is about the important things in life: friends, fun and kissing boys! As narrator, Ellie tells the story of the lives of herself and her best friends with wicked honesty and comic insight.moreless

    I watch the series because I was bored one day and came upon the series one day. I became hooked and started watching the series everyday it came on television. It was funny, had drama and great life issues that the main characters had to deal with. Anyway, I am glad I found this show and hope a new season come soon. If you think you might be interested into seeing this series then I think Showtime Family Channel airs the show. I am glad I was able to see Girls in Love when I still saw it air on television. I don't know if the show is completely over butI hope not.moreless
  • I love this show because i like ellies sketches and the way they come alive. I love drawing and its cool to see some other sketches.

    I love this show! Its about a girl named Ellie Allard, who loves to draw. She has a sketchbook, that noone but russel (who we later find out cheated) has ever seen in it. She is best friends with Magda, a showy, fashionista, and Nadine, a depressed Goth who seems to go for the wrong guy.I love the fact that ellies sketches come alive.I have a sketchbook just like ellie!I got the DVD of Girls in love and Girls in Tears for christmas of Amazon, and i really like watching them! I like it when anna and ellie make up!and when anna gives ellie those chalks!moreless
  • Ellie Ellard brings you into her world of her two best friends Nadine and Magda, boys, boys, boys kissing boys perving on boys and finding a boyfriend while trying to maintain a cool head at school and at home.moreless

    "Girls In Love" shows what its like ot be a teenager growing up in the world travelling through many adventures in which you must go through in order to move onto the next stage of your life. The world is seen trhough the eyes of Ellie and really steps into character despite her actually age difference, which may be the reason for being able to capture the events to the real emotion. Episodes always have humour and drama in them a mixture which keeps the show interesting for those whom enjoy a british teen show. This is best suited for young teenagers and is good to watch if you've enjoyed "Degrassi the next Generation" except with less dramatic issues. Good for a laugh and even somtimes a cry.moreless
  • I have been watching this show for about a month now... and I believe that I am as hooked as anyone that has been watching for a longer amount of time than me. Also, I love Tom Woodland!!!!!moreless

    I absolutely love this show!!!!!!!...I always make it a note to set a reminder on my television for it and even tho they play the same episode three times and then play the new one I still watch the episode each time... I like the show that much... I was just flipping through the channels one day and I saw it so I had nothing better to do so I watched it... I was instantly hooked... I watch it faithfully now and its like the only show that I watch faithfully.... I\'ve never missed an episode.... I thought that I had missed a lot of episodes after the first time I watched my first episode but turns out I started watching just in time... This show is amazing....and I think TOm Woodland (Dan) is sooooo cute...he is liek the most gorgeous dork in the show... and I love his