Girls on Top

ITV (ended 1986)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Lower the Donkey
      Lower the Donkey
      Episode 6
      Lady Carlton wins a new luxury kitchen, but her failure to understand the basics of operating a microwave oven result in a blackout. Mistaking the explosion for nuclear disaster, Amanda and Shelley hole themselves up in a homemade fallout shelter in their front room and send Jennifer foraging for food.
    • Mr. Yummy Brownie
      Shelley's mother arrives unexpectedly, under the impression Shelley's playing Ophelia at the Palladium when in fact the only part could land was that of a singing tadpole at a grammar school. After learning the truth about her daughter's failure to make it as an actress, Mrs DuPont uses the persuasive power of chocolate to try to coax her into returning to Beverly Hills to marry a dull liver manufacturer. Determined to prove her talents, Shelley crashes a Royal Shakespeare Company production of "The Importance of Being Earnest" and literally steals the show.moreless
    • Bring Me More Flamingoes
      Shelley goes on an animal-theme redecorating kick to set the mood for her "Let's Welcome Shell to Showbiz" exclusive celebrity party. Amanda reaches the limit of her patience when forced to camp out with Jennifer in Shelley's room while she's on safari in the living room. A vicious slagging match ensues, and Amanda and Jennifer move out of the flat. But they soon find themselves at Shelley's mercy when they're arrested for vagrancy and can't make bail.moreless
    • Who's Ya Uncle Shelley?
      After being convinced by Shelley of the value of Capitalist worker exploitation, Amanda orders that Jennifer take a job cleaning offices at the stock exchange to help pay the rent. Amanda and Shelley entrust Jennifer with their complete savings when it comes to light that she's a financial genius at playing the stock market.moreless
    • Big Snogs
      Big Snogs
      Episode 2
      Smitten with an electrical handyman, Amanda lures him home to tend to her fuse box. Aroused by the scent of his dirty socks, she is transformed overnight from militant man-hater to Fifties TV house-wife, and she besieges and bewilders the unsuspecting Tom with her feminine wiles. Shelley must teach Amanda the facts about nookie.moreless
    • Mr Fluffy Knows Too Much
      The girls receive word that Candice has been rushed to hospital and has died mysteriously. They struggle to determine which of their vindictive practical jokes may have been to blame for her untimely demise, and more importantly, how to destroy any lingering evidence that might implicate them.
  • Season 1