Girls v. Boys

Season 2 Episode 8

Hawaii: Episode 7

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Aug 13, 2004 on Noggin
Hawaii: Episode 7
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As the teens ready for their last days in Hawaii, Lauren tells the cameras that she believes the audience will have expected her to act like her character Paige, from "Degrassi". She hopes she has proved the audience wrong. Lauren also points out the similarities between the cast of GVB and the characters on "Degrassi": both groups are high-schoolers dealing with friendship and crushes. Later, the teens arrive on the beach, nervous for their next competition. Dave and Ursula inform the teens that in their 12th competition, "Statuesque", they will each be dressed as a famous Hawaiian statue. The teens must stand in the exact pose as the statue and any smiling, laughing or moving will disqualify them for the competition. Minutes into the competition, Justin moves, and is eliminated from the competition. Out if the game, Justin tries to make the girls laugh by causing a scene on the beach. His plan causes Dina and Christina to laugh, and both girls are eliminated from the competition. Later, when Justin uses a nearby tourist to make Jessica laugh, he not only eliminates Lauren from the competition, but also his own teammate, Jake. With Jessica, Kris and Teri as the remaining statues, the eliminated competitors resort to trying to make the "statues" laugh. When Justin's jokes are too much for Jessica, she finds herself eliminated from the competition. With all the girls eliminated from the competition, the boys win 200 points, giving them 800 total points to the girls 700. That night, Christina gives Jake a lesson in putting the toilet seat down after use, and Teri starts a war with the girls when he pulls a prank with the kitchen sink that leaves Christina wet and angry. While the boys hide in dark corners, attempting to scare the girls, Dina and Jessica get revenge when they use Justin's fear of bugs to scare him. Later, Jake persuades Justin to pursue a relationship with Lauren, seeing that he only has two days left in Hawaii. Justin tells the cameras that he finds Lauren to be very beautiful and cool, and not stuck-up like he first figured she would be. Other teens, like Dina, have their mind on continuing friendships rather than finding romance. Dina tells the cameras that when she first came to Hawaii, she didn't look to make friends, she only wanted to win. Now, Dina believes that even if the girls lose, it will be okay because she has made three new friends. The next day, the teens meet Dave and Ursula at a Hawaiian park for their next competition: "Goin' Hawaiian". Given a message written in Hawaiian, the teens must decipher the message and continue the competition. With the help of some locals, the girls learn the message mentions the ocean. Meanwhile, the boys have no luck finding any people that can speak Hawaiian. Knowing that the message mentions the ocean, the girls run towards the beach, only to be followed by the boys. At the beach, the teams learn they must use a slingshot to get two balls through a target. While the girls have problems using the slingshot, the boys have no problems at all and make their two shots quickly. The boys win their second competition in a row, and the score stands at 1000-700, in the boys favor. Jessica, upset that the boys won by following the girls, gives the boys a cold congratulations, while Christina complains the boys have won by default in the majority of the competitions they've won. Angry, Christina declares that "it's on" tomorrow in the final competition. After dinner at a restaurant (where the girls must wear the Hawaiian statue costumes as a penalty for losing the 13th competition), the teens spend one of their last evening in Hawaii together at the house. Lauren tells Jessica and Dina that if she had to choose, Teri would be her pick for a boyfriend. However, she tells her friends, that it drives her crazy that Teri only pays attention to her once Christina has gone to bed. Meanwhile, Jessica confesses to the cameras that she has changed her opinion of Kris, and believes that he is boyfriend material. With the final competition looming, the teens gear up to compete and to say goodbye.moreless

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