Girls v. Boys

Noggin (ended 2005)


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  • A decent reality show that finds out which gender of kids is stronger, smarter, etc.

    This show is pretty good. I would recommend it to kids and teens from the age of 12 to the age of 17. Some of the challenges are disgusting. I would compare them to Fear Factor stunts but less extreme. In some of the seasons, the boys and girls aren't really against each other, and sometimes flurt with each other, and I think those seasons are boring. The best part about this show, as in any reality show, is that in every season there is at least one major twist. In one season, each team (boys and girls) had to vote one of there members offf the team, thinking that that person would go home. However, the person that each team voted off would actually be joining the other team. I watch this show mostly for the twists like this. I suggest that if you're in the age group I mentioned, you give this show a shot and watch at least one full episode.
  • Girls VS Boys

    I just love Gs-vs-Bs! It's like another Real World/Road Rules Challenge, but for teenagers. I love there events and the drama when the events are over when it's time to go back to the house. Of course, for youngins money, power, and respect is the key on this show.
  • Girls VS. Boys is an Ok show.

    Hey, I don't really like Girls Vs. Boys but is not the best show but is OK. I like it but i don't like it that much. But i liked seasons 1-3 i don't like season 4 at all. I mean not because of Puerto Rico because Puerto Rico is a great place, but i don't like it because of the people they are like i don't know. GVB could of do better picking different people.
  • This show is one of my favorites on The-N besides Degrassi & Instant Star.

    GVB is awesome. Honestly i don't know what degrassilover was thinking. This show isn't scripted nor overrated. If you put 6 people to live in a house there will obiviously be tension & drama. Also the compitetions are great. It a cool way for teens on the show to win alot of money :D
  • So unreal and very boring. The title explains it all.

    This show is a complete waste of Tv time. It is completly boring. The reality is as real as unicorns. This show can't really keep the viewer entertained. The best season this show ever had was G.V.B: Hawaii, and that was only because they had Degrassi:The next generation cast members Jake Epstein and Lauren Collins. As a viewer of The-N, I think a better show could be put on television at this time-slot. Reality shows these days are overrated and are all scripted. Where's the reality? If this show could break away from the normal "Reality Show" stereo-types, maybe it would be more interesting. But for now, this is a show I could do without.
  • If you want teen love, some fights and competition this show is for you.

    GVB is an ok show that shows how if you out some three boys and girls together on and have them compete, sparks will fly. This reality show was its best in Season 2, the cast was great together and they all had chemistry and the desire to win. GVB is entertaining at times to watch to see the competition, the love triangles and so much more juicy drama.

    Also this show has its flaws and they all started in Season 3. The cast didn't quite melsh, the drama was over the top, the relationship, the death threats etc. Also in Season 3 they added more people and it just seemed like it was way too crowded. Hopefully this show will go back to the way season two was with the upcoming fourth season.