Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

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Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

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Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys (GWLBWLB) is a reality TV series from the Sundance channel that focuses on the friendships between women and gay men. Set in New York, the series boasts a Sex and the City like opening line, "There are millions of women in New York City who have the perfect love life â€" with gay men." GWLBWLB tries to tackle all of the nitty-gritty that makes relationships between straight women and gay men work so well. The series focuses on a few core friendships, following the couples as they go about their daily activities, displaying both the good and bad in their relationships, both fun times and serious moments. Showcasing real relationships that are oftentimes overlooked on television, Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys is a groundbreaking show from Sundance that can be appreciated by best friends all over.

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AIRED ON 1/27/2012

Season 2 : Episode 12

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