Season 2 Episode 3

Bad Friend

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2013 on HBO

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  • Made me want to try it.

    This Coke fueled romp was my favorite episode so far. I just hate that it marks the end of Elijah's presence, for now anyway. Hannah and Elijah have the most amazing chemistry, but I also understand that he pulls focus a little from the relationships between the four Girls. I loved the soundtrack to this episode as well. And a funny side his Coke rant Elijah mentions wanting to raise Affenpinscher show dogs, and then Joe won the Westminster. Funny coincidence. Of course I am probably the only person that made that connection. : )
  • Our Night With Coke

    Girls continued its experimentally strong streak this season with Hannah going off the rails as she tries cocaine for the first time with Elijah to write a story for a new web publisher she gets hired to freelance for. Hannah although took the advice of the employer very literally seeing as the employer was simply suggesting topical pieces from personal experience and used coke as an example of that and Hannah being Hannah decided to do just as she was suggested to. She goes to her neighbor downstairs, Laird, who is a former junkie and asks if he can get her some coke. He tells her he's off of it but that he's always wanted to do something for her so he gets it for her. Elijah and Hannah do it and go to a nightclub DJ'd by Elijah friends the gay duo Andrew-Andrew. The duo reach a low point and a hilarity high point when they do lines of coke off of a toilet seat and Elijah tells her he slept with Marnie which Hannah of course reacts exactly the way he thought she would. Before that the night was going rather well with them making a list of things they wanted to do on her bedroom wall, Hannah switching her shirt for a mesh one with a dancing stranger that makes her breasts visible. Meanwhile, Marnie now at her new kushy job runs into Booth Jonathan at her club and he spirits her away with the fierce confidence he has and makes no qualms about his intentions to sleep with Marnie. He shows her this really cool immersive art piece he has which surrounds Marnie on all sides by TV screens much like in the Architect scene in the Matrix Reloaded while various grotesque images flash in front of her which is pretty damn cool looking. While having sex he weirdly tells her to look at a doll on his wall and describe what it's feeling. Marnie seems satisfied and due to Hannah's description along with Marnie's lust for Booth last season it's no surprise that she would want to be with someone as talented as him. But the drug store scene in which Hannah discovers that Laird has been following her and Elijah to look out for her was kind of sweet but also a bit creepy. His giving them the H that he bought while getting the coke was a good step to not have his character relapse. Hannah's fierceness toward Marnie when she shows up at Booth's house to accuse her of actually being the bad friend in their relationship leaves Marnie devastated and she tells Elijah that he has to move out for betraying her. Hannah leaves with Laird and on his doorstep she proceeds to kiss him and he asks if it's ok to kiss her back btu she says it's only for tonight. Laird seems like a nice enough guy and a good rebound for Hannah at this moment with just learning that her friends have immensely let her down. We only got a glimpse of Jessa and Shoshanna this week as Jessa was selling a lot of her old clothes while she says she proud of Shoshanna for becoming a woman. Her speaking about Ray wanting to watch Allie McBeal was pretty chuckle worthy too. Great episode that showed the flexibility of the show and the effects of drugs not being so great. I am still a little terrified of cocaine and Hannah and Elijah's well being after having done it but Hannah's line about Elijah ruining coke and how it could've become her favorite drug was the best line of the night.
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