Season 3 Episode 7

Beach House

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2014 on HBO

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  • clever title.

    why isn't anyone doing a review on this show? it's kinda brilliant.
  • Beach House

    Girls kept up the quality this week in a sort-of bottle episode in which all the Girls cast are together. What is really enjoyable about this episode is that Elijah shows back up in the picture as a freak coincidence and him and his posse (including his new boyfriend) are invited by Hannah to the house to hang out. What ensues is a slew of honesty and revelations (all because of alcohol of course) that makes all of the cast members share their thoughts about each other. What made this episode stand out is that when Girls is at its best is when it's an ensemble piece of entertainment as exemplified here. What irks me is that in so many episodes only of the quartet gets maybe two minutes of screen time or in Jessa's case disappears for episodes on end (even if it was written that way). The show addressed a lot of the issues that I noticed about the characters as people which was amusing and revelatory to the characters themselves. The best part of the episode was by far how Hannah and Marnie get brought back close together (seemingly forgiving one another for their pettiness when they were roommates and since then) and then everything goes to hell when she refuses to kick Elijah and pals out for dinner. Shosh brings out the honesty bullets first by bringing up accurate points about how Hannah is obviously a sociopath, the group ignores her like she isn't there, and whatnot, and how Marnie is such a micro-manager it hurts her and everyone around her. But in the end of the episode when it's the morning and all the dishes and booze needs to be cleaned up they have one another once again as friends. The show definitely scored some big points with me for going for (slightly contrived) cruelty but it was things that the characters needed to hear and hopefully they can move onward and not just say they're changing and then don't like what Marnie said Hannah was always doing with her life.
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