Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2013 on HBO

Episode Recap

Hannah meets with someone who is interested in giving her a deal for her own e-book, full of her very own short stories. However, her due date is a month, though. Marnie wakes up beside Booth Jonathan after getting a text from Hannah. Booth wonders why she and Hannah are still friends. Booth's assistant updates him on the day and they argue over a small task that was mishandled. She quits on the spot and that leaves Marnie to be his hostess for a party later on.

Shoshanna tells Ray to go an entrepreneurial workshop to improve his chances of running his own business. Ray is not very enthused about this. Hannah comes in to the coffee shop late for her shift. She starts mopping the floor as Shoshanna congratulates her on the book deal. Ray asks for one of his books back but Hannah says she left it at Adam's house and she can't see him right now. Ray goes instead. When he knocks on the door he hears blaring music from within and banging. Adam opens the door and says he wants nothing to do with Hannah. Ray says that he is only here for a book and starts to look around. Ray wonders what Adam is constructing and learns the book is in the bathroom where there is a large dog stashed. Adam says he stole the dog from an owner who left the dog outside a store. Ray tells Adam he should bring the dog back and Adam reluctantly recruits Ray to return the dog with him.

Marnie tries on dresses for the party later on and gets input from Shoshanna, who rants about Ray and asks to come to the party. Meanwhile, Adam and Ray head to Staten Island striking up some sort of friendship out of the experience. Adam asks Ray about Shoshanna and the two men talk about girls' expectations. Ray seems to think they are both really honest men and are not too different after all. Hannah tries to start writing her book but cannot get words down onto the computer. Jessa is also there and tries to support her.

Ray asks Adam about Hannah now. Adam realizes that he never even wanted Hannah and was roped up in her trickery. Ray says he took Shoshanna's virginity and that's kind of a big deal for her. Ray says that Hannah is not that difficult a person, nor terrible. Adam actually agrees but wonders why Ray is trying to make Hannah seem like a great person. Adam gets upset and runs off, leaving Ray with the dog. Hannah heads to the party hosted by Marnie in hopes of getting over her writer's block. Hannah clings to Marnie in the crowd of people who have shown up.

Ray finds the daughter of the dog owner. She doesn't want the dog and she angrily berates him as a jobless thief. In conversation with Booth, who asks how much the night will cost for hosting duties, Marnie realizes that she has been duped. Booth slept with her and does not even want to be her boyfriend. He then asked her to host the party because she does work as a hostess. Marnie sobs saying that she likes hanging out with Booth. Booth counters saying that people don't even know him and that he hates all of his friends because they don't know the real him, they just like his "coolness".

Later on, Hannah calls Marnie and they both act like the night went well for them. Marnie even says she is happy. Hannah fakes progress on her book. When they hang up, Hannah is frustrated about their friendship. Ray takes the dog near the river and sobs, thinking he really is pathetic.

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