Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2013 on HBO

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  • Watching Fireflies

    We see a different side of Girls this week as a majority of the episode follows Ray hanging out with Adam. Ray going back to get his personal copy of Little Women and finding out that Adam stole a dog and locked it in his bathroom was really out of the blue. I also like how Adam managed to rope him in with the idea of being "extra muscle" when he returned it to the owner. Him referring to it as "Dog" was pretty funny too. Marnie hosts a party at Booth Jonathan's and wears a futuristic dress. Booth is a total douche and firing his assistant for taking a bite out of his ice cream was almost as sociopathic as stealing a dog for company. Hannah's e-Book deal seemed to both horrify and enliven her. Also her ninja vomit after the guy from Pumped Magazine left was amusing. While she says that she's getting so much done on it she's just surfing the web and writing one sentence of chapter one. Jessa is down in the dumps and takes a nihilistic crap all over Hannah saying "none of it matters" and "won't change the While Hannah can learn from this to start writing by not taking herself too seriously both of them not being able to admit that they're not both super depressed is poetic as all of the characters (exempting Shoshanna) had melancholy moments this week. Seeing Adam just leave Ray to deliver the dog after talking about Hannah (which is a subject he still is too overly sensitive on) proved that he is not over her. That Staten Island girl was horrifying it was like seeing a troll above ground but hopefully she was going to a bridge to hide under which is a consolation. Ray breaks down with the dog not knowing what to do with his life to impress Shoshanna. Marnie "breaks up" with Booth even though he says that they were never together. Her being so sure as to what they were and then seeing her crushed like that was hard to watch. Booth then saying that people only like the idea of him and not actually knowing him was way on the nose. Him wanting to pay her was not unreasonable even if they had been together. But Booth making her misunderstanding about him and breaking his wine bottles wanted to make me shout "F**k you!" at him since someone with his ego needs to be cut down to size when someone else is in a moment of crisis and they make it about them (often like Hannah does). But this was a meditative episode especially towards the end with Marnie and Hannah's phone call with Marnie lying about being in Booth's garden "Watching fireflies" simply to make Hannah jealous which succeeds while Hannah still can't find the words to put to cyber paper. Hannah now has a ticking clock on her writing deadline which could be an excellent source of conflict to draw upon. Her being recognized that guy as "the girl who had her period at Dairy Queen" was SO awkward even though she insisted that she wasn't. Decent episode but I only give shows a certain leeway period of "boo hoo" before I just say that they have to go out and do something since so many shows (and real life people) simply wallow in their own self hatred which is an easy trap. And while wallowing is what real people do in a TV series I expect characters to actively yearn to want to be happy which is what the cast of Girls is always in process of doing no matter how privileged or spoiled they may seem their happiness is in a state of flux which is what really make a show about young twenty-somethings work and can draw endless conflict from given the right spark.
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