Season 3 Episode 4

Dead Inside

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 26, 2014 on HBO

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  • David's Dead

    I like it when a show can surprise me. Right when I though David would become more comedic relief in his presence on the show he's just dead. And no one explains anything to Hannah who's there for a meeting in a very difficult moment. Everyone rightfully gets on her case by her lack of grief/emotion over her mentor being gone and think she is being sociopathic in her detachment. I think there's also a gender dynamic since if Hannah were male there would be much less pressure for her to express her feelings about it since men are cultured to not express their emotions at all. Marnie quits working at Grumpy's because Ray and his boss were both watching her music video that Charlie posted. Poor Marnie always trying to get her life back on track and thinking that "fancy people" want to work with her is so delusional on her part. Hopefully Ray will give her her job back if she comes to her senses. But Ray's criticism of Hannah was mirrored nicely by Adam and it blended together nicely in its parallelism. Shosh didn't get anything to do this week other than fold her bandana collection. Jessa, now easily becoming my least favorite part of the quartet with how singular all of her stories always tend to be, learns that her friend faked her funeral so that Jessa wouldn't be able to find out about her still being alive since she was "an enabler" of her friend's drug habit. Jessa just seems to be a blank slate most times and everyone rightfully pushes her away because of how apathetic she is. Adam says it best when he asks her what her life's like doing nothing and I feel that they haven't given her anything good to do since last season when she ran away after getting her untimely marriage/divorce and her father disappointing her so thoroughly. I still like the show but often it feels that there's not a lot of good story to go around to those that aren't named Hannah. In closing the freakiest part of the episode is Hannah trying to pass off Caroline's fake story of a dead cousin to Adam in the hopes that it makes her sound like an emotional being. I hope this blows up in her face or at least comes back because if Adam finds out it's a lie he shouldn't forgive her easily for it.