Season 3 Episode 1

Females Only

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2014 on HBO

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  • Kicked Out

    Girls started its third season in familiar fashion with nudity, neurosis, and candor. This is pretty much the stuff that the show is built on. The main thrust of the episode was seeing where things left off last year: mainly Marnie being sad about Charlie like last season (the actor who played him left before filming on this season started due to creative differences) so hopefully this goes by as it is rote at this point, Jessa being her typical bombshell self in rehab, Hannah happily with Adam once again, and Shoshanna playing the field her senior year after her break up with Ray. The premiere does a pretty good job of filling us in one everyone's place and mental state with the exception of Shoshanna who is only given a glimpse of what she is going through. Sure she discusses it at their dinner party to celebrate Hannah's book but beyond that the method of showing us where she is are shallow at best. Jessa remains the mystery character as her struggle for meaning causes her to get kicked out of rehab after calling out another member in group (the incredibly delightful Tastee from Orange is the New Black) a lesbian and then engaging in intimate acts with her to make up for it causes her to mooch Hannah into coming to get her from rehab. Why she's in rehab wasn't really explained beyond something about her grandmother paying for it. We haven't seen her since midseason last year when her father ditched her and she disappeared so are we to believe that she's been using narcotics the whole time in between then and now or just searching for meaning and experiences with similar accented older men? The big scene stealer of the episode was a two pronged bit: Adam showing his unusual depth with the story of how a Columbian girlfriend had broken up with him and what it's like to "truly know someone" and the scene where Natalia (Adam's Season 2 girlfriend whom he humiliated sexually) and her friend confronted him and called him out on being a creep (good thing she wasn't really pregnant that would have been way too melodramatic). Also great to see Hannah get her writing back up and running with her editor, who seems ok with her not finishing the book after her self destruction into OCD last season now that they can both enjoy chocolate flavored mugs. The show remains a twenty-something adventure show with little diversity outside of middle class white people with occasional meanderings into depth and character. But for some reason I've never been able to put the show down because despite those main bits of criticism the show remains fun and introspective into the lives of its leads. I just hope that we get a little less of the usual sad Marnie, neurotic Hannah, off-putting Adam, bombshell Jessa, and inconsistent Shoshanna and see some new sides of these characters this season because it can be a little rote (sort of like putting Claire Danes' character in Homeland into a mental institution every season, been there done that).