Season 3 Episode 6

Free Snacks

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2014 on HBO

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  • Free Snacks

    Girls got a great installment this week as Hannah began a step further in her writing career by taking a job at GQ magazines (British men's fashion I looked it up) as an advertising writer or something of that variety. Surprisingly her job has a ton of free snacks provided for staff writers and we actually get to see her pitch ideas to her supervisor (totally unreadable as she is by the way) and how she encourages Hannah's ideas while some of her new writers may not like her. The most painful scene to watch was her telling her boss that she was a "real writer" and didn't want to "get stuck" at the magazine (which is in the "things you shouldn't tell you boss ever guide) because it looks like a great job that tons of other people would love to have. Then seeing her come back and say that she actually would like to stay on staff and the boss's "couldn't care less" attitude was a great response. Adam goes to auditions (never knew he had the inclination or desire to do that), no Caroline return. Marnie and Ray have sex again after he tries to reconnect and see how she's doing and she pretends not too (blah blah blah). But it seems like this might stick and good for them since they seems pretty lonely without their intendeds around (Shosh and Charlie). Meanwhile we learn that Shosh has been keeping creepy tabs on Ray by keeping an article that mentions his coffee shop in a good review in her bag, and decides to pick one of her new sexual partners from her new "wild phase" to be a boyfriend. The actual candidate being pretty but not much going on upstairs. His casual "I'm down for whatever" really captures that he's just bumbling through their time together and that Shosh is really wasting her time on good looking men with no substance, although it does make for some great material. Still don't really care about Jessa but I really hope Hannah can get her writing together (at least start her 3 hours a night tradition without falling asleep) or write a new book that the newer publisher can put out. Either way, it was a pretty good episode and I'll stay tuned in.