Season 2 Episode 2

I Get Ideas

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2013 on HBO

Episode Recap

George isn't happy to hear that Elijah had "sex" with Marnie and George says the age difference is going to hurt them and suggests breaking up. He thought Elijah knew what he wanted, Elijah says he wants to be with George and that it was very brief intercourse. Elijah also does not want to tell Hannah, who is currently exercising in the next room.


Meanwhile, Adam makes a video of himself singing a sad self-written tune. He says Hannah destroyed his heart. Hannah and Elijah watch his video post on YouTube and although they joke about it, they also feel bad. Hannah learns that George has not returned Elijah's texts or messages and says it's time to move on to better guys. One of the gallery owners Marnie interviews at appears to be an obsessive-compulsive person. She compliments Marnie but doesn't offer her a job, saying she does not see Marnie in the art world. Hannah and her new boyfriend, Sandy, brush their teeth. They are at Hannah's apartment because Elijah asks where his brush is. Sandy has to go anyway.


Shoshanna is in bed with Ray chatting. Marnie comes home and tells them that finding a job hasn't been easy. She has to go back to the drawing board now. Shoshanna says Marnie has a bachelor's degree, but she also has her beauty, so suggests being a hostess because they make quite a bit of cash. Jess is trying to paint Thomas when Hannah comes by. Thomas has to head in for a meeting but leaves a box of puppies for them to play with. The girls take the puppies to the park. Jess says she is feeling good and tells Hannah that her relationship with Sandy sounds positive. She says that Sandy hasn't read her essay yet though. Later, she asks him again and he confesses that he did read Hannah's essay and says it just wasn't for him, but he didn't want to talk about it because it might have been weird. Hannah says to give her notes; Sandy says nothing really happened in the story, but that it was well written. Hannah says it's okay as it's honest criticism. They get into a discussion about being a Democrat versus a Republican. Sandy says this always happens, they can't deal with who he is.


Marnie passes by the apartment but finds Elijah alone. They talk about keeping their secret from Hannah. Marnie is heading to her new job. Just then Hannah arrives, saying she broke up with Sandy. Hannah doesn't think much of Marnie's hostess job. Hannah gets a message from Adam who's downstairs at her apartment. Hannah shuts the light but Adam saw it. Then he scares her by popping into her bedroom.; Hannah forgot that she gave him a key. He got his cast off today and Hannah reluctantly allows him to grab some milk before he leaves. She almost calls 911 because she really doesn't want to see him but decides not to. Adam says he is impressed at Hannah's will to stay away from him, but says he cannot stay away from her. He goes in for a kiss. Hannah is not happy again and tells him not to come back tomorrow and that she is not kidding. She pushes him against the door and tells him to give back the key. Adam is shocked to find that she is serious. They apologize to each other. Adam leaves but then they find two police officers in the stairwell. The 911 went through but Hannah hung up. Hannah denies calling and Adam is upset. Hannah just wanted to talk about a restraining order but Adam is taken in because he has two outstanding tickets and a pending charge for public urination. Hannah apologizes again before the officers escort Adam away.