Season 2 Episode 2

I Get Ideas

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2013 on HBO

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  • Fired

    Girls continued this week with a startler that Elijah's boyfriend breaks up with him after hearing that he had sex with Marnie last week. Their whole conversation was interesting to me as a straight man hearing what his boyfriend beliefs is "gay tourism" with his talk that he might be bisexual and him just discounting it as Elijah being young. It's good of him to want to protect Hannah, and she is really insecure but she should know about Marnie and Elijah anyway. Shoshanna continues her relationship with Ryan, which is good considering she seems so rarely happy in comparison to the other girls and stuck in her own isolation so seeing her dynamic change with Ryan around gives her another side. Marnie, after getting fired last week, applies at another gallery and she is told by the gallery owner that she can't see Marnie in the art world. Shoshanna hooks her up with a job that her friend got through an agency as a hostess at a club and Marnie gets hooked up at a club making about 400 dollars a night. Hannah stops by Jessa's place just to say hi. Her husband, who I still think is an obnoxious prick no matter how she feels about him, is painting atrocious watercolor portraits of her. Seeing this show evolve in the characters, for instance seeing Jessa be happier than we've ever seen her much unlike her ambivalence and cynicism of last season, seems to rub off on Hannah when Jessa tells her that "this is the best it In the Adam department, he sends Hannah a video album of really pathetic love songs about how Hannah broke his heart. Adam unexpectedly goes to Hannah's apartment and gets in with a key and tells her that he respects her and regrets letting her go and that he respects how "mature" she's being about all of this. Adam is also really sympathetic but also shouldn't abuse his relationship with Hannah by using the key to break into her place so to speak. Hannah calls 911 but hangs up and decides that she can get Adam out of her house on her own. She tells him that she never wants to see him again and gets him into the stairwell and they get stopped by two cops asking if she's Hannah Horvath. Apparently they are checking up on the hang up 911 calls. Adam is surprised that she called 911 and they both say that nothing happened. They look up Adam's name in a database and see that he has unpaid parking tickets and one for public urination (which is so Adam). Adam mockingly says that he's crazy at the top of his lungs to Hannah for having called 911 in the first place. Interesting place to go and now Hannah has to face being responsible for his broken leg and sending him to jail. Also her breakup with Sandy was really horrifying to watch her piping through the whole "liberal post-racial" crap of not seeing race but as a person and Sandy's perspective of seeing liberal white girls as racially experimenting. Also Sandy's being a Republican and Elijah mocking him about gay rights and whatnot and how Sandy doesn't want to have this fight.