Season 2 Episode 4

It's a Shame About Ray

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2013 on HBO

Episode Recap

Elijah is packing up his things, furious. Hannah says it is his fault and tells him that George has requested Hannah keep everything that George paid for. Elijah says he's not paying for this month's rent because he doesn't have the money. Thomas gets a call from his parents who are coming to town for dinner. Jessa wonders what they will be eating, but also suggests some sexy time before they leave; Thomas can't resist.

Hannah has invited Charlie and Audrey over and is cooking. However, when Marnie arrives, Hannah is surprised as she didn't think she'd show up. Hannah convinces everyone to stay at least for a bit. Audrey explains that she and her friend are starting a mustard company. Then Ray and Shoshanna arrive and she tries to make an excuse for why they are late, but Ray just mentions sex. Hannah burns the food. Meanwhile, Thomas and Jessa head out for dinner and Thomas introduces his parents.

Back at Hannah's place, the group start talking about sex. While Hannah tells Shoshanna what a butt plug is, Marnie says that she hates anything regarding anal sex. Charlie told Audrey about Marnie coming over to sleep one night. Audrey calls Marnie out and she in turn tells Audrey to leave. In the end, Marnie is the one who leaves. Ray starts talking about staying with a few friends. Charlie feels guilty and tells the group he's going outside to get some air. Shoshanna realizes that Ray practically lives with her.

At the restaurant, Jessa talks about all the places she has travelled. Thomas mentions that Jessa is an artist. The parents ask her why she left college and Jessa mentions that she left because of her heroin problems and had to enter rehab. When his parents prod her sarcastically about the subject, Thomas senses this and clarifies that Jessa no longer does drugs. His mother practically calls Jessa a freeloader and Thomas tries to correct her saying their marriage is a union of souls. The dinner only continues to grow sour.

Charlie finds Marnie on the roof and apologies regarding Audrey. Charlie says Audrey feels threatened because she knows how much Marnie means to him. Marnie wishes that someone could tell her what she's going to do with her life now that she doesn't work at a museum. Then Charlie kisses her, but Marnie says she is seeing Booth Jonathan, the artist. Charlie is angry upon hearing this and heads downstairs. When Charlie gets back, Audrey has already left in anger. Shoshanna is upset because she didn't even realize she was living with Ray, but Ray says he's been living in his car when not staying with Shoshanna. Charlie tries to text Audrey and complains about Marnie. Hannah says that Marnie has had a rough year and mentions that she had sex with a gay man (not saying who). Charlie is shocked to hear this, but Hannah deflects saying who it was.

Jessa and Thomas argue when they get back home. She says she has had way more experiences than him. Thomas complains that she is just spending his money and that she is just a hipster. Jessa degrades him further saying she is embarrassed walking around with him because he is so average. Thomas says he's made a huge mistake, but he doesn't know what to do and then calls her a whore with no work ethic. Jessa punches him. Thomas asks how much she needs to leave and ends up giving her $11,500. At least she will have another story to add to her collection of experiences.

Later, Shoshanna says that Ray is older and should have his own place and more passions. Ray says he is a loser in a lot of ways; he's 33 and doesn't have much to his name, but does love her. Hannah is in the bathtub when she gets a visit from Jessa who is in tears. Jessa takes off her dress and slides in the tub with her. She cries. Hannah is sad and wonders what happened. But Hannah is able to cheer her up and the two start talking.

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