Season 2 Episode 4

It's a Shame About Ray

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2013 on HBO

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  • Dinner for Schmucks

    With kicking Elijah out of her apartment for sleeping with Marnie Hannah now has the apartment all to herself and decides to throw a dinner party and invites Audrey and Charlie over. Surprisingly Marnie shows up too even though they're supposedly fighting after Hannah calling her a bad friend last week and Hannah only invited her out of courtesy. The awkward who should leave but was amusing but Hannah decides to encourage everyone to stay instead. Audrey tells Marnie exactly what she thinks of her and how she is always showing up even though they're in the same social circles although with Charlie telling her about the night she showed up just to be with someone to hold what was she supposed to think? Marnie goes up to the roof and Charlie goes after her of course which angers Audrey and Charlie shouldn't have chased after Marnie like that leaving Audrey although what he said was true. His going to kiss her was really inappropriate especially after how he just said how emphatic and that Audrey was with him now and how suspicious she is. His reaction to Marnie now seeing Booth Jonathan, who I don't think she's "seeing" they only after all had sex the once and he doesn't seem in anyway monogamous from what we've seen, but Marnie would hope for someone she idolizes so thoroughly. Hannah was right to chew out Charlie for freaking over Audrey leaving and Marnie has been quite a lot this season so far and so good for her for standing by her still best friend and it was Charlie's own doing having followed Marnie up there in the first place even if what he had to say was incredibly sweet. On the richer side of the street Jessa preps to meet her in-laws with her now husband Mr. Douche as I like to call him. At dinner, another awkward encounter over evening food consumption, she reveals how she was a heroin addict and that she doesn't work right now. Douche's parents don't seem to mind her especially the father who has had quite a bit to drink at that confessional point. When they get home they fight about this and Jessa says that she couldn't just have lied to them. I like the direction that this episode took and Girls is really good at giving us ups and downs in many of the characters lives often within the same space and timeframe but having been so content and happy last episode and even earlier in this one I just don't buy their total destruction of each other after one fight. However, they are newlyweds and I won't pretend to know anything about that so I guess on some level her getting 10K to annul and move out was cold and the less I see of Douche the better. Jessa had quite an impactful monologue for him that showed her power over him as being the interesting one in their relationship and how being with her is the only great thing he's ever done. His statement about Jessa destroying people because she's bored really hit her deep which impacted her going to Hannah for comfort. But the sweetest and most tender moment of the week was Shoshanna realizing that Ray lives with her without her even knowing it. His reluctance to tell her and his telling her how he didn't want to tell his "sweet, beautiful, charming, and wonderful 21 year old girlfriend that he was a This was really hard to watch for Ray, who is normally always so calm. Side Notes: He's 33? That's weird he look 25 at most. Their exchange of how they're both falling in love with each other was the saving grace that kept this episode from being a total downer. The final scene with Hannah singing "Wonderwall" in the tub and Jessa joining her in her hour of need was quite profound and the "snot rocketing" was thoroughly disgusting too. So I guess Jessa is paid off and will move in with Hannah since Shoshanna is living with Ray officially now? I guess Hannah didn't have to look long or that hard for a new roommate. In closing her statement of "re-purposing" Elijah into her life was way offensive and also equating her adulthood to "cooking Pat Thai" is not a good enough example of adulthood Hannah plenty of people that aren't adults cook Pat Thai for themselves.