Season 2 Episode 1

It's About Time

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2013 on HBO

Episode Recap

Hannah wakes up in bed beside her new room-mate, Elijah, who says he is finally getting his mattress today. Shoshanna is hoping the gods will punish Ray. Marnie's boss tells her that she must cut one of her staff and that she can't let Julian go as she's screwing him; so Marnie must leave. Meanwhile, Hannah continues her sexual escapades, now in bed with a black man. They head to the bookstore and he says that he loves her. Hannah says not to use that word "love", because she considers this a casual relationship, nothing serious and that she is trying to figure out what she wants in a real relationship. Later she goes over to Adam's house to help him because of his broken leg. Adam is bedridden and Hannah tells him that they are no longer together. Adam says he doesn't care for titles, noting that Hannah is always here and they've had sex numerous times before. Hannah says that Adam is not very nice to her. Adam says that when you love someone, you don't have to be nice all the time.


Marnie has a dinner with her mom (guest star Rita Wilson) and talks about her break up with Charlie. They talk about being open with each other, considering their relationship very friendly. Elijah and Hannah decorate the apartment for a party and suggest other opportunities to host theme night parties. Elijah says that George, his boyfriend, is coming tonight for the party. Shoshanna arrives liking the decorations. Ray is coming tonight too, she says she is okay with it, but clearly isn't. Soon the guests arrive and Hannah serves weird food. Shoshanna and Ray exchange awkward glances. Charlie and his girlfriend, Audrey, are there and Marnie catches up with him. Shoshanna starts to sing karaoke. Hannah changes her dress with Marnie in the room. Marnie asks if they are okay and Hannah says that of course, everything is fine. Marnie suggests going for lunch or dinner soon, but Hannah says she has been working a lot and taking care of Adam.


George tries to get Elijah to sing karaoke, but he is drunk and a little unruly. Elijah runs to find Hannah because he hopes she can get George to leave. Soon enough, Ray and Charlie are singing while Hannah walks George out. George says she is very sweet but Hannah just leaves him there in the middle of the sidewalk. Marnie watches as Audrey leaves Charlie stranded after an apparently tense night. Charlie says she is just being dramatic tonight but things have generally been great with Audrey. George tries to get back in, but Hannah has locked the door. He soon leaves. Ray finally catches Shoshanna looking for her jacket. When asked why she de-friended him on Facebook., she says he was not very nice to her and she doesn't have to like him. Ray says that when he is around her, he remembers her good qualities. Shoshanna is not having any of this and prepares to leave. But Ray pulls her back into the room and kisses her.


Hannah makes a run to Adam's house. Adam wonders if she is going to stay but she says she is going back to the party. Adam says she is the best thing in his life. Hannah restates that she doesn't want a relationship with him. She stands by her decision and leaves. Back at the party, Marnie is singing "Building A Mystery" by Sarah Maclachlan, with Elijah. He asks her how awkward it was to see Charlie tonight. Marnie says she could never be gay as she hates blowjobs and anal sex. When Elijah says he may be bisexual, Marnie asks him if he's ever attracted to females. He sneaks a kiss with her and she doesn't stop him. They start taking off their clothes and soon enough he's on top of her. Elijah can't get hard so stops and Marnie puts her clothes back on.


Meanwhile, Jess and Thomas arrive back in New York and get very cozy in the back seat of a cab. Marnie goes over to Charlie's small apartment and asks if she can just sleep next to him tonight. Hannah heads to her new guy's place where she promptly strips.

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