Season 2 Episode 8

It's Back

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 2013 on HBO

Episode Recap

Adam calls Hannah but she ignores his call. She looks behind her making sure he is not following her. She starts doing things eight times in order to quell her anxiety about having her parents visit her. Meanwhile, Marnie, Shoshanna, and Ray worry about Jessa's whereabouts and hope that she will come back soon. Marnie states that this is exactly what Jessa does and that she will be back soon. Shoshanna says that Charlie has been busy. He has developed an app inspired by Marnie and his break-up with her, making millions of dollars on this. Marnie suddenly announces that she needs to leave. One of Shoshanna's college female friends invites her to an event; Ray doesn't want to go and they argue over this.

Adam attends an Alcohol Anonymous meeting, announcing that after he broke up with Hannah he started to feel worse. His long-winded story states that it wasn't the love that he was expecting with Hannah, but he did actually feel something eventually. Afterwards, an older says she admires his honesty and asks if he would meet her daughter. Adam initially says no, but the woman won't take no for an answer, saying her name is Natalia.

Marnie visits Charlie in his new office space and they head for a talk. Adam leaves a message for Natalia hoping for a call back. She ends up picking up mid-message and the two set up a date. Marnie says she was just stopping by to see how Charlie is. Now they are adding other apps. Apparently the first app prevents you from calling someone you might want to call but shouldn't, for example an ex-partner. Charlie heads off to do some marketing with the rest of the team.

Meanwhile, Hannah meets up with her parents for dinner while Adam meets a stunningly gorgeous Natalia. Hannah's parents offer to help when they realise that her counting behavior is due to her obsessive-compulsive disorder that started in high school. Adam and Natalia have a good date. Shoshanna heads to her friend's party and meets a doorman at the apartment building. Shoshanna's college friend must listen to her rants about Ray until she can find something to get distracted by. Shoshanna leaves early and talks to the doorman in the lobby. She says he is really good-looking for a doorman and the two end up having sex.

Marnie comes home to Ray and rants about Charlie's success. Ray says that she is upset because she doesn't know what she wants in life. Flustered, Marnie says that she wants to sing, which is new to Ray. Marnie offers to sing something for him and it is actually quite good. Ray agrees it is good and tells her to follow her dream. Hannah's parents bring her to a therapist to talk about her symptoms. She states that her break-up last month was very stressful and that she has a book deal. The doctor says that he has also written a book. Hannah asks the doctor to tell her parents that she is okay, but he wonders if she really is okay, however.