Season 2 Episode 8

It's Back

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 2013 on HBO

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  • It's Back

    Hannah begins to see a return of her OCD, which we've never seen before on the show, but it was just painful (as someone with OCD) to see her do her patterns of eight in every part of her routine. Her parents visit from Michigan and when they notice her acting funny they take her to a psychiatrist which Hannah doesn't like. The psychiatrist seems very posh but finding out that he too had written a book, a children's book and something about a robotic dinosaur, seemed to put Hannah on edge. Her father does indeed seem to coddle her and her mother does just the opposite. Seeing them on the subway car with the prescription bag of pills seemed to have Hannah see the whole ordeal as a point her parents can play on for not being able to be an adult and live on her own without their help. Of course Hannah's mean mom thinks that she wants money just like the episode where she called her to tell her she loved her she's just altogether really unpleasant in my opinion. It was refreshing to see Adam get his own storyline by getting set up on a date with someone in his support group's daughter. She turned out to be stunning and had an adventurous job being a PI's assistant, unlike Adam who does who knows what for work since all we see him do is build things, lie in bed, and work out shirtless. Shoshanna made a bad decision this week by cheating on Ray with a doorman at a party of a friend's she went to which disappointed me since they seemed to be going really strong and Ray is becoming my favorite character. Marnie's storyline, after hearing that a company bought an app of his and got a corporate job, was kind of pathetic. Her snooping around the office stalking him just affirmed how much she expects people in her life to put into their emotional investments in her especially after their event on the roof a few weeks ago he doesn't seem broken up about it at all; although we don't know if he's still with Audrey or not. Her one on one with Ray was funny after she said that she wants to be a singer, although she has a very lovely voice, Ray's advice is solid to turning her "potential energy into kinetic This was a fairly solid episode and I applaud it for showing Adam in his own environment and moving away from Hannah's sphere of life. I hope that Shoshanna and Ray can stay together despite her flub up this week with the admittedly attractive doorman.