Season 2 Episode 9

On All Fours

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2013 on HBO

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  • On All Fours

    Things got really intense this week as we saw several characters sink back into old habits and some new ones. Adam's was by far the most disgusting especially with what he made his new girlfriend Natasha do in his bedroom. I think his alcoholism reemerging is not a good thing for this and he is searching for an out after having seen Hannah outside. Hannah using the Q-tips and hurting her ear drum from putting one too far in was suitably OCD to see as well and the end of her putting in another into the other one to make it even was "oh no don't do that stupid!" of her to do. But Hannah is seemingly making progress on her book as it seems but she is told to "sex it up" by her publisher and perhaps it can be turned into a novel if she chooses. The most cared for storyline here for me was Shosh and Ray after her having slept with the doorman last week. At Charlie's party he confronts her why she's acting so weird and he should've guessed that her explanation went beyond "I held a doorman's hand!" I'm sure Ray would forgive her for one indiscretion especially with how much she's suffering because of it and she shouldn't have done it in the first place it should be said as well. But their relationship strikes me as one of the bright things about this show when everyone else is so bogged down in their own crap seeing something simple evolve between these two has been amazing and it would be a shame if they had to end it so soon. Marnie's continued coveting of Charlie is driven home by her awful cover of "Stronger" by Kanye West based on the Daft Punk song. Everyone laughs at her loungey riff at it (it was pretty awful) and she goes away upset. Charlie follows her and the two have sex, again people falling into an old routine. Still no Jessa her remaining the most underdeveloped of the main cast. Not that Marnie has a bad voice at all I think it's wonderful it's simply the venue she chose to sing that song and her style that was jarring and horrible and understandably embarrassing to Charlie. This was a great episode that surprised me in more ways than one, but I have to say Adam taking out his disappointment one poor Natasha is not fair in any world. Yeah his place is a mess and she shouldn't insult it so much because they haven't been together that long doesn't give him any excuse to treat her as badly as he did. If he wants an out, there's the door and as much as I like Adam there is no excuse for treating your partner like that especially just to try and get dumped. I think you should get help again Adam, I think you have really gone too far.