Season 2 Episode 5

One Man's Trash

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2013 on HBO

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  • An intimate episode with deep moments

    This episode is simplistic yet a real visual masterpiece. It went from one argument in the beginning between Ray and an unknown neighbour to real piece of ingenuity between Hannah and guest star Patrick Wilson. Real thoughts, real emotions, some of the deepest thoughts from Hannah I think we've seen so far. What an ending, with the piano in the background. That piano piece at the end is a killer. Definitely an interesting show (sometimes). Best of all, this episode makes use of only 3 characters... showcasing the work that Lena Dunham can actually do. I think I like it better when she DOESN'T direct.
  • A great episode!

    This was such a mature episode... I mean it in a good way, it has the characteristic "charm" of Girls but also makes you think. Loved it!
  • What Happened to Girls????

    i like Lena dunham , the person, but her show is more and more becoming her own personal surreal fantasy world that nobody else can ever relate to.

    What Happened to Girls????,what happend to the show that examines young women, how they live, what they think and what they are about? The show that showed the ugly, sad side of being a young female looking for your place in life and society.

    The season 2 script is more and more self endulgent and pretencious. the worst part is ,the writers think they are so deep. NOT A FAN of this entire Season.


    The "plot" is getting more mature and abstract. The direction and editing were great. This and the previous episode are my favorites.
  • Best episode yet

    This episode blew my mind. It was so unlike any other episode of the series, yet still retained enough of their qualities to make it unmistakably 'Girls'. The storyline was absorbing and interesting, there were still plenty of funny/goofy moments, but we got a real look under Hannah's skin.
  • The Segzit

    Hannah is working at Grumpie's at the beginning of the episode when in walks an angry Patrick Wilson as Joshua (Watchmen, Insidious) claiming that someone had been dumping garbage that looked like it belonged in the shop in his cans and he couldn't fit his garbage in it. Ray says that they have their own dumpster so it's probably nobody at Grumpie's and Joshua leaves. Hannah can't believe how much of a jerk Ray was and follows Joshua to his house. She gets invited in and over lemonade tells him that she was the one who was dumping the garbage into his bins since she lost her dumpster key and didn't want to face Ray's wrath. Hannah goes for a kiss out of nowhere and the two have sex and get to know one another a lot better. Joshua lives alone, being recently separated from his wife because of "working too I really bought their chemistry together and for forty two dang does Patrick look pretty good (probably his accurate age too) and the age gap didn't bother me what with them both being consenting adults and all. When Hannah takes a shower and decides to take advantage of the shower's sauna steam option and passes out Joshua (who hates the nickname Josh) pets her until she feels better. Hannah breaks down and tells him how she realizes that she wants to be happy and before meeting him she thought that she just wanted to live the writer's life of absorbing every experience and experiencing life as it came but wants a romantic spark. Joshua has a really nice house, and oh yeah he's a doctor too. Just paying attention to how social class is here as not many people can be doctors in NYC and afford to have a house let alone redo it pointing to how middle class and upper middle class largely plays into Girls and its demographic of storytelling devices like how Jessa's now ex-husband Douche was a venture capitalist we seem to only see white wealth here and is a problem many have with the show to which Lena Dunham has shrugged off as "not being part of her message" but while this is somewhat problematic for me Hannah's character study and the twenty-something aimlessness is what drags me into the show. But Hannah chews out Joshua who doesn't seem too happy that she shared her feelings, stays the night, and leaves. My only worry is that Hannah, after lashing out at Ray, may not have a job left to go back to at Grumpie's since we never saw her call in. Since she doesn't have a roommate anymore it makes sense she wouldn't be missed by who she lived with (unless Jessa resides there now in which case it would). Her connection to Joshua and seeing Hannah opened up romantically with someone and connecting on a human level with someone that wasn't Adam or the two episode Sandy (who just had an episode and a half of characterization if that) from earlier this season was a great change. Also the urban-dictionary thing ruining Hannah's "segzit" claim to fame was the "we're so hip" hilarity moment of the episode.
  • An Experimental Character study

    This was so out of any reality that the show has created so far. To me, it was like a dream, a character study like you would do it when drawing or painting.. It felt thoroughly unreal, but then also almost painfully true because thats what we are all looking for - a perfect little life. A break from normal. Just to be happily going back to our old life and taking out the trash with us ;)