Season 3 Episode 5

Only Child

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2014 on HBO

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  • Only Child

    Girls went a little downhill this week with a lackluster installment. Hannah visits David's funeral and worries about her book in front of the grieving widow (yes, David was straight I guess) in a painfully made scene when she discovers that all of David's projects are on hold (cancelled) with him being dead and Hannah asks if David's wife knows any other publishers. Sure enough she is able to find one rather quickly and they want to print it into an actual book (not an e-book). The curveball comes in when she finds out that since she already signed the contract the publisher still owns her book rights for 3 years which would make her unable to publish her manuscript under the new publisher, which devastates her. I agree with Caroline, who tells Hannah that she can just write another book that isn't the one she has already written. Although Hannah's write that 25 years of experience in one book is hard to come by but I'm sure she would be able to come up with something given the right inspiration. Oh yeah, and Shosh calls Jessa lazy and Ray sleeps with Marnie after criticizing her when she invites it but that's the boring stuff. Also Hannah kicks Caroline out of her apartment after spending almost an entire episode mediating as "Dr. Phil" in her words to sort through Caroline-Adam's issues just to throw her out it was happily ironic. Adam rightfully chews her out for it as she sinks into depression. This episode had some good things to it but it just didn't pop the way that a normal episode does. Normally there's a certain essence to it that elevates it. I also hope that Caroline can make it on her own, since she is so hopelessly lost as a person and a character. Anyway, hope things get a little better next time.
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