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  • This show should have ended a long time ago

    It's a much ado about nothing. That's all I can say about it. I watched this show because I was bored, that was a big mistake. I can't wrap around my head why this piece of garbage is a highly rated show.
  • Can't stand it!!!!

    For some reason my wife loves this show. She will watch the same 30 episodes over and over and cant take it any more!!! Guess it gives me more time to play Crystal Bloom though...
  • What is the point

    For people saying they love this show and that it funny i just don't get it..... this has got to be the worse show i have ever watched there is no just to the story apart for 20 somethings sleeping about and being weird..... i cant believe show like this got renewed for season 2 when they cancelled season 2 of secret circle and season 3 o alphas these programmes were million times better than this
  • It may be the real life of our time but what is the special here?

    I watched the boring pilot patiently, but after a few second of the second episode, I thought we are going to watch a porn movie, so I gave up. I am not against sex on TV but when the story demand it as in Californication, but sex just for sex or to bring more teen age people to watch it, that is not acceptable for me.
  • Wonder is how bad the pilot was ...

    I have seen a lot of bad TV shows, but Girls may in fact be the worst one of all time! The cast on this show has some of the worst acting I have ever seen on a TV. Terrible dialogue - It has bland jokes and it's not interesting at all...

  • Didn't love it

    I don't think this idea is anything new. Unless you make a few changes of realistic apartments/wardrobe/and looks from SATC, it's the same premise, same conversations, you have two characters who basically have the same job paths, writers and an art gallery, and a third friend who's sleeping around...

    Maybe it's good for girls who weren't born when SATC was on, and they need a way to make sense of things they themselves are going through, but seriously, same show with less glitz.

    Let's not pretend this is some kind of new approach to reaching 20 something girls. At least the sex scenes in SATC were easier to watch with great looking talent- guys and girls.
  • Well...

    Did like season one. Started to watch season two and already bored with the party...
  • love to hate, hate to love..

    Watching this show is like watching a car accident or a natural disaster.. you really dont know why you are watching it, you hate the stuff you see but still you cannot take your eyes off of it.. I have never seen a cast, an entire cast of so many annoying characters.. in fact Elijah was the only sort-of-sweet and reliable person and him being gone is sad.. I really hope he would come back for more..
  • It's unoriginal and it's not funny.

    I knew I wouldn't like this show but I checked it out anyway. The characters are stereotypes. The girl that gets financially cut off by her parents and has to make it on her own, and her friends, the freaky, urban typed, British girl with a sense of style, and an uptight, controlling girl with the need to lecture.

    The dialogue is weak. None of the jokes were funny. I didn't laugh ounce. I'll sill give it another chance because the actors did a good job, but if the next episode dosen't improve, then I'm giving up on it.
  • 9 episodes and countless of Dunham nude scenes later...

    I really liked this show to begin with and found Lena's Hannah a refreshing lead female. 9 episodes and countless of Dunham nude scenes later and not only have I begun to lose my interest but I'm also starting to genuinely dislike all the characters. The plot has no continuum, no build up and no hook . The characters are written in such a choppy and sporadic way resulting in shallow stick figures doubling up as watered down indie versions of Carrie (Hanna), Miranda (Marnie), Charlotte (Shoshanna) and Samantha (Jessa) and no Duham the fact that you acknowledged the obvious comparisons to the SATC crew in the pilot episode of the show does not exempt you from taking accountability to the fact that there is just no escaping from it. In addition to shallowness and bad stereotypes the characters spend so much of their time bitching about each other's faults and accusing each other of selfishness (and boy are they selfish alright) that in turn we, the viewers, just end up hating them ourselves. I mean is this show really meant to be a comic, but ultimately honest, look at the lives and friendships of 20 something year old girls living in the big city? Cause if so geesh what a bleak outlook it is. Despite little spark of genius here and there and real snort-laugh moments this show takes itself far too seriously for me to enjoy it for what, I can only assume, its creators envisioned it to be whatever that may be? Nowhere is this better expressed than in Dunham's main lead Hannah, a wannabe writer leaching off her parents and best friend to pursue her artistic calling; this pursuit is sequentially translated to 'Dear Diary' gossip - the only way in which Hannah knows how to apply her talent, that is when she is not too busy playing the submissive girlfriend and uncaring friend. Seriously can someone just please slap that girl tell her to grow-up, get a job and shut-up already about your obnoxious boyfriend!

    Bottom line is I'll stick it out till the end of this season but if you're after a NY show about nothing littered with self-indulgent characters then just play Seinfield reruns (14 years on and it's still pure TV gold) or rather if it's 'single ladies living and loving in the big city' type of show you're more inclined towards you're better off tuning in to the original.

    And Christ Dunham put some clothes on! No one needs to see that week in week out.
  • Entertained, but unimpressed

    Although I general enjoy watching this show, I am also kind of offended when people refer to it as an accurate depiction of the post-college world of young adult women. As a member of this demographic, I couldn't disagree more. I like to think that my peers and I are more than over-priveleged, self-absorbed whiners.
  • Fact about girls

    Must check 2iqShg
  • Goofy, flaky, quibbing female characters are not funny and not believable. This show has none of those girls. Awesome.

    Finally female characters are put in actual funny situations, rather than just being over-the-top silly geese. Nobody should give a care if the characters aren't from the gutter, why would that be the only valid type of character. Makes no sense.

    It's funny and rings pretty true. Ep 1 was good and I can't wait to see more.
  • Season 2: How to love unlikable characters

    Honestly, I don't know what tempt me to watch Season 2 considering that I didn't really like Season 1. In my opinion, season one was like watching a younger batch of "Sex and the City" girls except that it's not funny... it was just trying too hard... Sure there were few laughs here and there from Shoshanna but I just had no clue what these characters are trying to achieve. It's just like watching real life girls do some crazy things.

    Season 2 was a complete departure from Season 1. The popular opinion is that it went from great to bad. But I would disagree. Somewhere in the season, I've grown to care about imperfect individuals... flaws and all... no matter how "crazy" and irreverent they can get. Season 2 was able to articulate what they weren't able to do in Season 1: the show is about these girls growing into their own. If Season 1 was about girls pretending to be women who were fully aware about who they want to be and fully comfortable with their own skin, season 2 revealed who they really are and stripped them "bare naked" (literally and figuratively).

    I loved how each episodes exposed the vulnerabilities, insecurities, flaws and indecisiveness of Hannah, Shoshanna, Marnie and Jessa. And it's damn beautiful to watch. There were also a lot of funny, memorable and dramatic moments that explodes right in your face.

    Jessa finally got a dose of reality after getting married hastily. And it hit her hard: is her lack of willingness to work on a commitment something she got from her dad? Shoshanna, after losing her virginity in Season 1, jumps in into a relationship with Ray only to discover that sometimes love is not the only thing she needs in a man. Marnie who was all high and mighty last season got the rug swept under her feet by losing her job. She also steps back into the dating world only to realize that Charlie actually provided her more than she thought. Though I'm still not convinced that she's all in with Charlie (poor guy!). And Hannah, continuing her exploration of the world believing it will make her a great writer (trying drugs, bunking with her gay ex-bf, dumping her abusive bf, sleeping with a total stranger, etc), was treated to the realities and responsibilities of adulthood. I'm not sure if it will make her wiser but one thing's for sure... it terrified her. Enough that her OCD tendencies re-surfaced. I would agree that this seemed to be all too sudden considering it wasn't even mentioned in Season 1. But it actually made a lot of sense. In season 1, even if there were moments she was being pushed to confront the responsibilities, she had Marnie and Charlie to turn to. Only Lena Dunham knows if getting back together with Adam would actually make her retreat into her shell again.

    Sure, they are still unlikable and sometimes, there will be a point that you will hate them but hey, they're being human. A lot argues that Season 2 just weakened these girls from a feminist point of view by portraying them as individuals consumed about relationships. But hello? Most girls in their age are! It doesn't make you less empowered just because you're falling for guys who are complete jerks. Girls in real life really tend to fall for a-holes (especially in their teens and in their 20s. The problem arises when people look into these kind of shows to be the beacon of female empowerment and feminist agendas.

    In my opinion, what makes a movie or a show great is its ability to mirror and reflect on things that are relevant today. Portraying the ideal or "what should" tends to get preach-y and boring... fast. And kudos for Girls Season 2 for being able to do just that. And bravo to Lena Dunham and Judd Appatow for cleverly crafting a season that makes you fall in love with "hard-to-love" people.

    Oh yes... I love Girls!
  • More of the boys and the non Hannah girls.

    I thought the scenes with Ray and Adam were hilarious last week. I also sorely miss Elijah. I wish they could have managed to keep him around ( I understand the actor was otherwise obligated). He had great chemistry with Hannah and great comic timing. I think the full ensemble episodes are the richest ones, and I hope they will avoid the Hannah centric ones in the future.
  • the Napoleon Dynamite of Modern day t.v.

    the plot is their is none. the story builds along the line of living life one day at a time with no plans and no general since of what the future has. Plot: stuff (s**t) happens and life don't wait around for you to get a std check. Cheers!! for something different
  • Dunham - the Girl's speaker.

    Lena Dunham's "Girls" is a series that takes itself mildly seriously. This is a good thing because never has there been a show or movie that really spoke 'girl' to girls. It's a series that has gained mixed reviews, from both critics and viewers. A series that is sometimes daring, for going places that mean judgement. It is also a very funny and satisfying series

    I've grown to Dunham; I enjoyed her little film "Tiny Furniture". Here is a full grown woman, only 24, yet she is daring and also brilliant. Like the Woody Allen for young Girls who are seeming to get things together. Not only did she create the series, she writes it, directs it, is an executive producer (along with Judd Apatow) and is the show's star.

    She plays Hannah, a young girl who is trying to get her life together. Her parents cut her out their pay, she is nerve wrecked over diseases, is sometimes clueless with the things she says, jobless and finds the most trouble in a mixed relationship with another troubled person, a boy named Adam (Adam Driver).

    The series centers Hannah and three unique and sexy girls; her best friend Marnie (Allison Williams), their fast talking, unusual friend Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) and her incredibly hot British cousin Jessa (Jemima Kirke). Marnie, the more successful, seems to never know what to do with her ex-boyfriend and lover Charlie (Christopher Abbott). Jessa finds herself in a line to getting an abortion and marrying a weirdo (Chris O'Dowd). Shoshanna is a funny one, more cleaner than the rest, finds herself becoming more and more erotic when she finally commits a relationship with the always smart mouth Ray (Alex Karpovsky).

    I like this series for many reasons, though I am not a girl, I feel as if this series speaks for boys as well. Consider the Adam, Ray and Charlie characters -- boys who are evoked to their own necessities. Who don't witness their flaws and who seem to find themselves in control and off through the bumps.

    I like the writing, which is honestly hilarious and seems to always allow its characters to make smart mistakes. Dunham is in the same level with great comedy writers. Apatow, Allen, John Hughes. There is a small list of great writers it is rare to see that. Because these writers care and understand their characters and we do too.

    Lena Dunham is great. But Adam Driver owns season two with his sometimes snarky and perverted Adam. Williams, Mamet and especially Kirke fill the screen with sexual prime and their modest self absorbed remarks.

    Hannah is one of the most challenging roles in TV. There is a lot to like about her and we do understand her character, her decisions and choice of words. Dunham's "Girls" is one of the most honest and challenging shows you'll see and it has fun being too honest.
  • Best show on television...

    when is it coming back?
  • Lena Dunham you're BRILLIANT!

    I'm thrilled, positively surprised, hooked up, you name it... I happened to stumble upon this show and it loooooved from the first second. Then I saw the rest and I was more and more into it. OMG, Lena's a genious, she's simply brilliant! She manges to write, produce, act and direct this show and she's "only" 26!!! You have ALL my respect. Everything feels so NOW; the show is actually about what's happening among people today (i'm speaking for italy, sweden and poland) so quite a fetch of europe... guys acutally do act that way and so does girls. Plz keep on rolling, hope to see you again next season! LOVE U!!!!
  • Girls!

    Superb show, equal parts funny and incomfortable to watch. Something different from the sanitised and saccarine that American TV is so fond of. Characters are all deeply flawed, but that makes them interesting as there is room for growth.
  • Episode Guide and Reviews

    Has given up on this show or something, because first they stopped reviewing it and now the entire episode guide and listings for season two have vanished completely???

    Just curious.
  • Season 1 Throwback

    I LOVE Girls because it is so subtly funny and more real than any reality tv show, in like the sense that the characters are honest. I started this cool review blog for my grad school television class, lots of good articles starting from season 1 and working onwards. def check it out. Idk why its not letting me post a normal link but google dkfordham and wordpress and it should pop up
  • Welcome to the mind of Lena..

    I just LOVE this show. Its fantastic to be in Lena Dunham's mind and she surprises us every single episode. I just really adore the filming, too, how you get those really long close ups of peoples faces (epic: Adam and her finally being together, the taxi scene.. or Marnie's face when whatshisname cut his hair off in the first season). I wish I knew Lena / Hannah in all her quirkyness and her awkwardness cause then finally, we know, we are not alone :D THANK YOU LENA!
  • My fav show!!

    Love love love this show!!! My fav show on TV right now!!!
  • love it

    I didn't realize that the star Lena Dunham was also the writer and producer of the series, As a woman its like watching parts of my life over again and I love it. Its real its raw its awesome. I hsd an Adam in my life but was too stupid to see what was right in front of me. Watched the whole season in a couple evenings and am craving season 2.
  • just like girls

    One of th best if not the best show on TV right now. It is amazingly real and true, it's like a mirror for our whole generation. even from europe, we can see that everywhere goes the same. wannabe artists, without perpectives, without money, still trying to take one day at a time by laughing and being crazy...
  • New ERA!

    Great new series!