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  • 9 episodes and countless of Dunham nude scenes later...

    I really liked this show to begin with and found Lena's Hannah a refreshing lead female. 9 episodes and countless of Dunham nude scenes later and not only have I begun to lose my interest but I'm also starting to genuinely dislike all the characters. The plot has no continuum, no build up and no hook . The characters are written in such a choppy and sporadic way resulting in shallow stick figures doubling up as watered down indie versions of Carrie (Hanna), Miranda (Marnie), Charlotte (Shoshanna) and Samantha (Jessa) and no Duham the fact that you acknowledged the obvious comparisons to the SATC crew in the pilot episode of the show does not exempt you from taking accountability to the fact that there is just no escaping from it. In addition to shallowness and bad stereotypes the characters spend so much of their time bitching about each other's faults and accusing each other of selfishness (and boy are they selfish alright) that in turn we, the viewers, just end up hating them ourselves. I mean is this show really meant to be a comic, but ultimately honest, look at the lives and friendships of 20 something year old girls living in the big city? Cause if so geesh what a bleak outlook it is. Despite little spark of genius here and there and real snort-laugh moments this show takes itself far too seriously for me to enjoy it for what, I can only assume, its creators envisioned it to be whatever that may be? Nowhere is this better expressed than in Dunham's main lead Hannah, a wannabe writer leaching off her parents and best friend to pursue her artistic calling; this pursuit is sequentially translated to 'Dear Diary' gossip - the only way in which Hannah knows how to apply her talent, that is when she is not too busy playing the submissive girlfriend and uncaring friend. Seriously can someone just please slap that girl tell her to grow-up, get a job and shut-up already about your obnoxious boyfriend!

    Bottom line is I'll stick it out till the end of this season but if you're after a NY show about nothing littered with self-indulgent characters then just play Seinfield reruns (14 years on and it's still pure TV gold) or rather if it's 'single ladies living and loving in the big city' type of show you're more inclined towards you're better off tuning in to the original.

    And Christ Dunham put some clothes on! No one needs to see that week in week out.