Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2014 on HBO

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  • Recovery

    Girls took a bit of a dive this week in a somewhat middle of the road installment. There was a lot less that worked for me this week than usual, although minimizing Marnie's part is always a good thing. Hannah gets the majority of the episode this week as she tries to rekindle what she and Adam had before he was in the play as she meets him at a bar to role-play the role of disgruntled hedge fund manager's wife. Adam goes along with it, until some guy gets involved when Hannah is yelling harassment and Adam gets punched for not leaving her alone. Honestly I almost didn't recognize Hannah at first with that stupid wig on, it really is an awful wig although blonde could possibly work for her. Adam's admission that he is going to stay at Ray's for a few weeks to focus on rehearsals is a bit of a pay-off on the foreshadowing we got a taste of over the past few episodes about the possible rift in their relationship although it is sweet that Adam admits that he just wants to have "normal sex" with Hannah and not the weird role-play stuff as much and that once they've fallen in love as they have things can get Marnie gets closer to Desi, blah blah blah. On the B story side we see Jessa's new weird boyfriend get an intervention from his daughter Dottie (a fellow New Yorker) who says that she will take care of him despite him abandoning her in her earlier years. This basically implodes Jessa's downward spiral and her rock bottom hit (or is it?) surely will turn her into even more of a wreck than before. I really hope whoever owns the kid's clothing store makes her pay back the money she stole because that is so totally not cool, and she gets a stern talking to. Anyway, meh episode I would've liked to see more Shosh than just the one scene this week and that she would get a little more focus on the whole but episodes are often hit or miss when they're as scattered and "realistic" as this show has come to be.