Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2013 on HBO

Episode Recap

After the incident with the Q-tip, Hannah is now having a hard time hearing. She tries to concentrate but she starts Googling away. She hides in bed. David makes a call to Hannah to talk about her approaching deadline. David is frustrated with her progress and is unhappy when she tells him about her ear injury. David is angry because he already sent a cheque for her and vows to sue her for return of the funds. After she hangs up, she grows increasingly anxious.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Marnie continue their sexual encounters. Ray tries to get sexual with Shoshanna but she refuses. Ray calls out her continued irritability. Shoshanna complains about his lack of ambition. Adam tries to listen to Natalia's compromises during sex, hoping they can continue to make it work. Hannah calls her dad saying that her ear is really hurting. She tells him that she is having trouble writing. She hopes to borrow money from her dad to pay back David, in order to walk away from the project. Her dad is furious with this, feeling like he is being duped. Hannah tries to make a case, but the two begin to argue. Her dad refuses to give her the money.

Charlie and Marnie grab brunch and she tells him that all of their rough patches were just their experiences before they settle down. This interests Charlie and Marnie asks whether they are just having causal sex. She storms away but Charlie catches up with her. Marnie says she wants Charlie and he seems to understand. Charlie says he has always loved her and he keeps trying to get away, but keeps coming back. They hug. Ray heads to the coffee shop and tells the owner that he wants to go back to school to finish his doctoral in Latin Studies. The owner offers him a manager position at his new coffee shop and Ray easily accepts this position and vows to not let the owner down.

Marnie returns home to find Hannah struggling with her book. She offers to help but Hannah hides from her. Later, Hannah finds a magazine photo and decides to cut her hair to look like a model in the magazine. She meets up with the junkie neighbor from downstairs, and he helps to cut the rest of her hair. Hannah complains that she is dizzy and nauseous. The neighbor gives up, complaining that she is self-absorbed.

Ray tells Shoshanna about the new job but says that their relationship is not working. Shoshanna thinks he needs therapy, which Ray finds ridiculous. Ray asks if there is anyone else. Shoshanna complains that Ray hates everything and how he is a misanthrope. She can't handle his negativity and Ray calls her out, telling her that maybe she needs to change.

Hannah tries to call Jessa and leaves an angry voice mail telling her that she really needs someone to talk to right now. Hannah hopes she is having a great time while everything else here is going horribly wrong. Adam continues demolishing his apartment. He gets a call from Hannah asking if he is doing well. Adam notices her compulsive behaviors on the video call and Hannah says that she is really scared and stressed out. Adam runs shirtless to Hannah's apartment, which Hannah finds amazing. Meanwhile, Shoshanna moves on and Marnie and Charlie head out together. Adam breaks open the door because Hannah does not want to move. He gets Hannah out of bed and into his arms.