Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2013 on HBO

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  • Two Steps Forward

    This was an episode that epitomized all of the best and worst things about Girls. On the one hand you have the cringing dimensions of Hannah's self involvement and self-hatred as she slowly comes apart at the seems and goes over the edge with her OCD. This was just downright painful as someone who has OCD in real life I can empathize that some days, and sometimes the wrong medication can often cause spells such as this so kudos for Lena Dunham for getting the mental health accurate (she may in fact suffer from it herself). We saw the ensemble end up in very different places by the end of this season with couplings coming undone and people finding each other again. We're treated to a sex montage of every respective Girls coupling that shows all of the problems in their own way. I'll start with Marnie and Charlie. This has been a rough year for Marnie and seeing her in her darkest days really helps me appreciate her more as a character since she comes from such an immense ivory tower. But this year has matured her and made her more appreciative of what Charlie meant to her as a rock. But this stability was something that drove her up the wall last season and may be their undoing again. Seeing her admit, in public, that them simply having casual sex and them not dating was the worst thing that could happen. Seeing the look of relief on Charlie's face when Marnie tells him how much she wants to spend the rest of her days with him was a great payoff for a character who only wanted to love her. So I guess they're back together again. Now onto Shosh and Ray. Shoshanna doesn't fess up to her sleeping with the doorman and says that the problem is Ray's ambition and this spirals out of control. He goes to his boss saying he wants to go back to do his . and while it's admirable to see him care that much about Shosh he should be going back to school for himself. Anyway, his boss tells him he just signed a lease to open a Grumpy's over in Brooklyn Heights which Ray agrees to. When he tells Shosh the good news she confesses that things aren't working. Then we get to the root of the problem where Shosh says that there is problem with how negative he is and how: "I can't be the only thing you Ray tells her that she's the one who needs to change, and while Ray and all of the characters could use someone to speak to, while Shosh saying he needs it is just insulting since the whole escalation of this fight is predicated on her not being able to tell him that she slept with someone else (which he would probably forgive her for). But it was good to see some conflict rise up there, and the bit about the "tall adult blonde male" had me chuckle since that may be Shosh's professed type. Adam is told some basic bedroom decorum in how to make love to Natasha and I finally realized what his problem is. Yes, you can say that he wants a whore and not someone to have that intimacy with. But I'll posit, for the sake of argument, that it reminds him of Hannah and by having sex the way he does with her gives him the disconnect to not think of Hannah which is all he ever thinks of. Him destroying the kayak (still don't know what he does for a living either) and getting the Skype from Hannah was a nice contrast to his frustration and seems to be both of their cures. I'm also glad that Hannah's father finally spoke up about being manipulated since he's the one always in Hannah's corner when she needs him. Adam's shirtless run to Hannah after her confession of unraveling was very sweet and executed very nicely with the images of Shosh kissing a blond male in a bar, Marnie and Charlie happily holding hands, Jessa who knows where, and Adam being the hero who breaks down the door to save and kiss Hannah and save her from herself. Through the whole episode I was thinking and yelling, "Why aren't you writing?!" Her sentence that Marnie saw may come back later, I think and seeing Hannah run from Marnie's surprise visit like a roach in her own apartment was pretty humorous. But Laird seems to be the one who voices what critics think of Girls the most by saying that Hannah is the most self-absorbed unpleasant person he knows and how dark she is inside. Hannah, Hannah; everyone knows you don't try to out Carey Mulligan Carey Mulligan, it's simply not possible. It was really stressful hearing the publisher tell her of the potential consequences of not delivering the pages which will surely either crush her E-Book or her new-found romance and experience will be the inspiration or material for a new book. But Season Two of Girls really got us deeper into the neuroses of Hannah and all of the ensemble's shenanigans and I get a much more full picture of many characters such as Adam and Ray and Marnie who seemed two-dimensional last season often getting their own episode or arc to let us get to know them better was a nice touch. But hopefully next year we go less far inside Hannah's dark mind because even though I like the cringe and the Hannah character seeing her shrivel up into a ball of stressed out pudding with a ruptured eardrum was unsettling and while I appreciate the attempt for being out of the ordinary I do hope she can move forward like she so wanted to do at he beginning of the season.