Season 3 Episode 2

Truth or Dare

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2014 on HBO

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  • Road Trip

    Going to pick up Jessa from rehab felt a lot more grating than the premiere episode even if it did almost solely focus on Shosh, Hannah, and Adam. There were the good parts which outnumbered the bad but overall it was mostly seeing Adam get annoyed at having to spend his days traveling with the two of them. The bit with Maroon 5 was understandable and made me chuckle, even though I myself think they're a wonderful band I can see why someone would smash their tape deck of their music. Complete with Hannah not going hiking, Jessa's mentorship with her British also in rehab guy going the way of the creepy and cliche when he decides he wants to sleep with her, and Adam pressuring Hannah to have sex with him because "he can't get to I also don't get why Shosh bought chex mix if she's "allergic" I mean it is a vending machine you do have a say in what is being vended. Picking the absentee Jessa from rehab did at least let Hannah get some of her baggage and resentment towards her on the table and Jessa did her typical "I disappeared because contrived selfish reason number But all in all it was entertaining but not nearly as good as the first episode, would've like to have seen more of Marnie although seeing her in a new place is a good sign to get into the post-Charlie age of the show. Hopefully the show will continue to have stronger week to week episodes than this one because if this was all I had gotten in one week I would've been much more disappointed. And did they get rid of the 14 dollar rocking chair? Because it's not in the back seat and they never address, come one guys think before you put stuff in and take it out, at least give us a line of dialogue or something.