Season 2 Episode 7

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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2013 on HBO

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    Jessa takes Hannah with her to visit her father played by Ben Mendelsohn (Animal Kingdom) whom she hasn't seen in years. Her father is happily married to a hippie and is a bit of a hoarder. Hannah's awkward lack of being able to talk is at odds with their way of speaking and makes her stand out. Jessa tries to get her father to spend time with her but like she knows him he can never keep a promise. The best scene of the whole episode features Jessa on a swing telling her father how hard it was to never count on him when things got so bad with her mother. He agrees to have dinner with Jessa so that she can take the late train and they can spend some time together. Hannah meets Jessa's half-brother Frank and in the evening Jessa Hannah, Frank, and Frank's friend Tyler go for a drunken ride in the countryside. Hannah gets angry when Jessa tries to cover up Tyler's eyes while he's driving and orders the car pulled over and she goes into the woods. Frank goes after her and the two begin to make out and have sex, but only for a total of about nine seconds. Hannah telling Jessa that she thought it was a "sexcapade" was really funny too as if that's a thing that Jessa just does. Jessa's father runs off an errand that will take "just a few minutes" and doesn't come back which is supposed to be just like him. Jessa leaves Hannah alone at the house after they walk back to it and Hannah goes to the train station to wait for the next one back to Manhattan. She calls her parents to thank them for not being anything like Jessa's and Hannah's mom doesn't believe she's being genuine and simply wants something such as money. Decent episode and it seems like Girls really excels when putting characters out of the big city for an episode before coming back for a bit of perspective. It is a bit sad that Hannah's single genuine moment with her parents is squandered by her mother's suspicions about her. Frank accusing Hannah for using him for sex was amazing especially since it lasted for so little time. Him saying he had it before with a woman called "Rhianna" which totally sounds like it's made up or just using the singer's name.
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