Season 1 Episode 8

Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 03, 2012 on HBO
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Jessa and Marnie meet an eligible bachelor who is not all he seems and Hannah gets more involved in Adam's life.

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  • Did you just pee on me?

    Adam and Hannah are now "together" in a way. He now stays over at her place and Marnie hears them have sex and be all touchy feely while she is pining for Charlie as he gets more serious with his girlfriend we met last week Audrey. The two traveled to Rome and Marnie is supremely upset when she goes through them on Facebook. Adam continues to show that he is nice and has good intentions but in some ways is a total weirdo. His consoling of Marnie as a mature person who had a bad experience with his college girlfriend was a great relation to complicate and flesh him out since we know as little about his past as Hannah does. He takes Hannah to go see a play he is working on with a playwright but halfway through tech rehearsal when the show opens the next week he says definitively to the author that it's not his thing even though the guy had invested money in it and can't find another actor by the next week when the show opens. While Adam's absolutism on the subject of what is and isn't him is refreshing him just deciding to up and leave based on one little incident is kind of a "dick move" as they say. When almost getting hit by a car he freaks out at the driver and Hannah tries to talk him into doing the play and help the guy out but he refuses and she recommends that she thinks that he is alive on stage and wants to kiss the "15 year old him." Again the most off-putting part of the episode had to be the surprise Adam-peed-on-Hannah-in-the-shower-scene which had a fitting and hilarious reaction from Lena Durham. I believe in someway that Adam may have Aspbergers since he doesn't seem to understand or fit into any societal norm and he makes his own rules about everything from his canoe to his relationship. But his wall of posted up sorries was cute and him trying to Hannah to run and her not being able to get three blocks from her house were touchingly amusing too. Marnie stewing should bother me much more that it has but her admitting she's uptight and her arc with Jessa consoling her and then getting drinks and hanging out with that douchey venture capitalist was a good way to get her out of her head like Jessa said that she needed to do. The guy was a total scumbag and showed his true colors when Marnie spilled a glass of wine on his "10,000 dollar rug" while trying to get in on Marnie and Jessa making out. Jessa's ice towards him is totally understandable in the situation and how she just went to the guy's place to humor Marnie is a real friend thing to do. But lines like "I want to be balls deep in something!" makes the guy not only a jerk but a total creep and no matter how nice Marnie wants to be to him he deserved what Jessa was putting down. No Shosh this week :( which is sad following her brilliant crackcident last week which is somewhat disappointing but the promo show that she's in next week's so at least there's that ray of light.moreless

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