Giuliana & Bill

Tuesday 6:00 PM on Style Network Premiered Aug 05, 2009 In Season


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  • Love the Show

    The fanslerrios look like YUK100 times over. They look like they would enjoy sum ma wrestling or maybe they are sum ma wrestlers well one or the other. Well I like the show it is nice to see a reality show where they are a normal family yet they are still in show biz but down to earth. They have shared their really hard times and how they coped with everything. Giuliana and Bill make a beautiful couple.
  • Talentless

    They are talentless publicity seekers who have no scene presence and even less interesting topics to talk about. They focus on themselves and should be taken off the air and removed from any circle where they are considered show business people because the only show they know about is themselves. Go away ,go far far away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • YUK!!!

    These two ought to be ashamed of themselves. They put EVERYTHING on . Publicity hounds, and they are disgusting!! Why don't they pay more attention to that poor baby they adopted and less on getting themselves on . Gross!! they should go away!!
  • The Show-biz

    OK, now we have "Keeping up with the Rancik-ians". I thought we were through with this type of TV. Yuk-Phooey. Producers & Directors: Note: We are sick of this reality-stuff. C'mon, how about more TV and less Reality.
  • Refreshing Reality TV

    I love this show, its positive and uplifting. I appreciate that they don't try and create dramatic TV by starting petty fights and over analyzing their problems in life like many other couple shows. The show puts me in a good mood even though the couple may be going something hard like her breast cancer fight and their fertility troubles. They balance as a couple and make you strive for that kind of harmony in your own life.