Giuliana & Bill - Season 2

Tuesday 6:00 PM on Style Network Premiered Aug 05, 2009 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Maybe...Baby?
    Episode 8
    In the season finale of "Giuliana and Bill," the emotional process of fertility treatments continue for Giuliana and Bill--and the stress from it all is taking its toll on the couple. When Giuliana and Bill find out that their IUI procedure was unsuccessful, they must decide whether to continue with IUI, or move on to a more aggressive and difficult In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment. Overwhelmed by the decision, they take a trip to Santa Barbara to clear their heads and figure out what they want to do next. Meanwhile, Giuliana's world is rocked when her assistant Matthew unexpectedly quits without an explanation.moreless
  • Make Room for Giuliana
    As Giuliana and Bill wait to see if their IUI treatment was successful, the two spend the most time they have ever spent together consecutively in Chicago. Giuliana discovers just how much of a neat freak her husband is, while Bill has to deal with finding a place for all of his wife's stuff. While they're together, Giuliana realizes that when she's in Chicago, she feels more like a guest at Bill's house and wants to make her own mark on their space. So Bill hires a professional organizer to help Giuliana get settled in--but his plan backfires when Giuliana starts taking over more space than he'd like. Also, Bill takes a reluctant Giuliana tailgating at a Bears game for the first time and the two meet with their fertility doctor to find out the results of the IUI procedure.moreless
  • Made In Hong Kong
    Made In Hong Kong
    Episode 6
    Giuliana is invited to go to Hong Kong to promote the launch of E! News Asia, and Bill sets up some speaking engagements for himself around the city. While there, the couple find themselves trying to balance both business and pleasure as they take in as much of the local culture and cuisine as possible, while fulfilling all of their work obligations. To promote E! internationally, Giuliana and Bill must make their rounds with the press and attend a prestigious party at the end of the week-long convention. Also, Giuliana goes on a mission to find her best friend a great imitation handbag and she must start a series of shots to get her ready for the next step in the fertility process.moreless
  • Couples Retreat
    Couples Retreat
    Episode 5
    Giuliana and Bill's anxiety continues to build when their fertility doctor reveals that Giuliana's test results came back abnormal and she will have to come back for another round of tests. In an attempt to de-stress, Bill decides to resurrect the "Rancic Challenge," a series of events in which several couples compete against one another. It's the first time Giuliana has participated in the challenge and when she and Bill start to fall behind the others, their teamwork and relationship skills are pushed to the breaking point. Plus, Giuliana and Bill finally find out if Giuliana is able to get pregnant.moreless
  • Family Matters
    Family Matters
    Episode 3
    Bill's dad died of kidney cancer 10 years ago, so he and Giuliana decide to participate in the Run for Life 10K in Washington, DC to raise money for charity and visit Giuliana's family in nearby Maryland. During their stay, Giuliana meets up with her high school girlfriends she hasn't seen in over 15 years, while Bill tries to help his in-laws make an authentic Italian meal for the family. At dinner, Bill gets upset when Giuliana announces they're trying to conceive even though they agreed to wait until she got pregnant.moreless
  • Operation Ovulation
  • Knocked Up?
    Knocked Up?
    Episode 2
  • Child's Play
    Child's Play
    Episode 1