Giuliana & Bill - Season 4

Tuesday 6:00 PM on Style Network Premiered Aug 05, 2009 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • The Year of Fun
    The Year of Fun
    Episode 1
    After an emotionally and physically draining year of trying to conceive, Giuliana and Bill agree that it's best to take some time off from medical procedures--and instead, celebrate a year of fun! First, they have to break the news to Bill's family that the in vitro treatment didn't work the second time around. And, although he considers Chicago his home, Bill decides to spend more time in Los Angeles with Giuliana. When he gets an offer on their newly-finished Chicago house, Bill thinks it may be a good idea to sell it and start over. But will Giuliana feel the same way about letting go of their dream home?moreless
  • Rancics Go Royal
    Rancics Go Royal
    Episode 2
    Bill officially makes the move to Los Angeles to be with Giuliana, but just as he tries to get settled, she has to leave the country for a week to cover the Royal Wedding. Not happy to be left in L.A. by himself, he decides to surprise Giuliana by meeting up with her in London--but will her busy schedule leave them any free time together? Also, Giuliana helps her sister prepare for the birth of her fourth child, while Bill has a hard time adjusting to life away from his family and friends in Chicago.moreless
  • The DePandi Moving Company
    Now that their place in Chicago is sold, Bill suggests shopping for a home in Los Angeles before Giuliana's parents come into town to stay with them. But first, they need to get on the same page when it comes to looking for the perfect house and find time to move out of their current apartment. And, although they had decided to steer clear of baby talk for a year, Giuliana suggests they see a fertility specialist in New York.moreless
  • Food Fight
    Food Fight
    Episode 4
    Just as Giuliana and Bill begin to settle into their new Los Angeles pad, Bill finds a perfect excuse to move back to Chicago. He wants to start up Mama DePandi's restaurant in the Windy City--which kicks off Giuliana and Bill's first official fight over the eatery. Meanwhile, Giuliana flies solo on designing her own clothing line and does a complete overhaul of her wardrobe closet at work to sell off some of her expensive clothes for charity. Plus, she takes Bill to a date night cooking class to meet more couple friends in L.A.moreless
  • Where to Next, Bill?
    Giuliana grows frustrated with Bill's extensive travel schedule and starts doubting whether he is really invested in living in Los Angeles, since they're now spending more time apart than ever. But her anger starts to temper when he travels to tragedy-stricken Haiti to help kids in need get fitted for hearing aids. After his short, yet life-changing stay, Bill starts to gain a new perspective on life and is reminded of the importance of family. Meanwhile, although Bill still wants to open Mama DePandi's restaurant in Chicago, he agrees to scope out some potential locations in Los Angeles, and Giuliana hosts the Young Hollywood Awards.moreless
  • The Big 4-0
    The Big 4-0
    Episode 6
    As Bill's 40th birthday approaches, Giuliana is determined to pull off an amazing surprise party for him in Chicago so he can celebrate this milestone with his family and friends. But when Bill starts to catch on to her scheme, she decides to move the bash to Las Vegas to throw him off. Meanwhile, Bill has a tough time coming to terms with turning 40, and tempers flare again over the restaurant location. Will Mama DePandi's end up in Chicago or Los Angeles? Find out!moreless
  • It's Bill's Party and He'll Cry If He Wants To
    Giuliana plans a surprise 40th birthday bash in Chicago for Bill, but when her hectic schedule gets in the way of planning, she calls on Bill's sister for help with the final preparations. In return, she agrees to watch Bill's nephews at the lake house for a weekend--but will they be able to handle the three young boys? Meanwhile, Bill visits Chicago to scout locations for Mama DePandi's restaurant, Bill tries to teach Giuliana how to water ski, and Giuliana struggles to keep Bill's surprise party under wraps.moreless
  • All in the Familia
    All in the Familia
    Episode 8
    Giuliana and Bill host their first dinner party at their Los Angeles home, and Bill starts to admit he's putting down roots in the city. Meanwhile, he continues to strategize with potential investors about Mama DePandi's Italian restaurant. But when some of the discussions leave him considering scrapping their plan to keep it a mom and pop shop, he decides to keep it a secret from Giuliana so as not to upset her. Plus, the Rancics take a trip to Italy to visit with Giuliana's family and do research on Italian foods for their new eatery, and Bill delves into his own family history to see if he has Italian blood in him after all.moreless
  • It's Complicated
    It's Complicated
    Episode 9
    Giuliana goes shopping for her sister who just gave birth to a new baby boy, which inspires her and Bill to take the first step into getting back into IVF. They decide to meet with a highly-rated fertility facility in Colorado to discuss their options. Meanwhile, Bill tapes his first episode of "America Now," Giuliana cohosts the Miss USA pageant, and the two finally make a decision about whether or not to move forward with Mama DePandi's restaurant.moreless
  • A New Addition to the Family
    Bill starts feeling disconnected from his friends and family in Chicago so he secretly starts looking into buying property there. Giuliana struggles with asking for more time off work so she can go to Denver to move forward with their third round of IVF. Plus, the couple makes over their master bedroom, Giuliana sees the first designs from her clothing line, and Bill has his first walk-through of Mamma DePandi's restaurant.moreless