Gladiators (1992)

Season 1 Episode 8

The Semi Finals - Part Two

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 1992 on ITV

Episode Recap

Women: Moya Liddon Vs Jane Morris Men: Weininger Irwin Vs Chris Saunders Atlaspheres Women: Jane goes up against Flame and manages to get 3 points, but Moya doesn't get any points against Panther. Men: Hawk makes sure that Chris get zero points in this event, but Weininger manages to get past Cobra to get 3 points. The Wall Women: Jane is pulled from the wall by Scorpio, but Moya manages to get way from Jet to score 10 points. Men: Chris is pulled from the wall by Saracen and Wolf is out to get Weininger, but he still manages to get 10 points. Danger Zone Women: Moya is first against Lightening and she manages to fire all the weapons and hit the target to score 10 points. However, Jane is not so fortunate, and is hit by Lightening before she can score any points. Men: Shadow will be the one to try an hit the contenders, and he keeps Weininger down to 2 points, and makes sure Chris leaves with zero. Swing Shot Women: Moya is swinging out against Phoenix, and Flame will be trying to block Jane. Moya manages to score 3 points, while Jane manages to get 6. Men: The Swing Shot double act, Wolf and Hawk, will be trying to block the contenders in this event. Weininger gets 4 points, and Chris gets 5. Hang Tough Women: Lightening will be the gladiator trying to pull the contenders from the rings. Moya manages to stay on the rings for 5 points, but Jane falls from the rings without being challenged. Men: Saracen takes down both Weininger and Chris from the rings with ease. They both score 0 points. Duel Women: Flame goes up against both contenders in this event, but they both manage to stay on the platform, and get 5 points each. Men: Chris and Weininger take on the might of the awesome Shadow, and pay the price. Neither contender scores any points in this event. Eliminator Women: Although Moya has a 9.5 second time advantage, Jane wins with a time of 1:31 Men: Weininger has a 7 second advantage, and stays ahead to win with a time of 1:01.