Glamour Belles

Lifetime Premiered Feb 09, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Season 1: Episode 6 (How Much is that Dress in the Window?). Original air date: 04/20/11. Paige asks Jared to change the store window, but things go awry when he gets the staff involved.
    • 4/21/11
      Season 1: Episode 5 (Where Good Dresses Go To Die). Original air date: 04/20/11. An old friend of Paige's needs some alterations for her beach wedding dress, Jared and the staff clean up the "Dress Graveyard," and more.
    • 4/14/11
      On this episode of Glamour Belles a young girl needs to get a dress for the talent portion of her pageant. A former Miss Tennessee winner comes into the store in search of a gown. Meanwhile Paige is concerned about Stephanie sewing a dress top made from the scraps of JoAnn's old dresses.moreless
    • Doggone Glamour
      Episode 3
      A customer named Lexi comes into the store to find a homecoming dress that will be age appropriate and won't offend her conservative mother and grandmother. A pageant customer named Presley is working with Jared but Paige has to step in to make the sale. Shanese, a young girl who is underprivileged and has low self esteem, comes into the store to put dresses on for fun, not knowing that Paige has a surprise for her. Meanwhile the local pet parade is in town and Jared and JoAnn have entered their dogs into the costume contest.moreless
    • 4/7/11
      On this episode of Glamour Belles a former beauty queen comes to the store to get help staging her comeback into the pageant world. Also an athlete wants to move on up to a new pageant level and a young customer has a fit in the store.
    • In this opening episode of Glamour Belles former pageant contestant and pageant dress shop owner Paige Roy is searching for a dress for her wedding reception. Also in this episode an opinionated eight years old girl needs to get a new pageant dress to replace one that had been ruined. Also another customer is hoping to win a pageant while her sick father is watching in the audience.moreless