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Glee is a musical comedy that depicts Will Schuester's (Matthew Morrison) efforts to save McKinley High's Glee Club from cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). Glee's musical numbers, underdog characters, and rousing soundtracks have all helped make Glee a runaway pop-culture hit. It is created by Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck) and is a Golden Globe-winning Fox musical comedy.

Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron

Quinn Fabray (seasons 1-3; recurring afterwards)

Chris Colfer

Chris Colfer

Kurt Hummel

Jessalyn Gilsig

Jessalyn Gilsig

Terri Schuester (seasons 1-2)

Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch

Sue Sylvester

Jayma Mays

Jayma Mays

Emma Pillsbury (seasons 1-3; recurring afterwards)

Kevin McHale

Kevin McHale

Artie Abrams

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  • Amazing at first, but went Downhill from There...

    I enjoyed Glee during the first couple of seasons with the Old Direction-ers and the story lines were well thought out and connected in each episode. They managed to make each one special and teach a lesson as well. Then, after the Old Direction-ers left the show began to spiral downwards. I understood the back to back plotline, with wanting to show what happened with the Old Direction-ers and keeping in tune with the New Direction-ers and that was fine with me. The thing that I did not quite understand and like at times was what the plot-lines entailed. The New York arc, for instance. For most, if not all, of her life Rachel wanted to be on Broadway and be just like Barbara why she gave all that up in the blink of an eye for a television show that may or may not be good. There was no possible way that she didn't know there was a standing chance her show could fail, especially since it was about her life (not to say it wasn't interesting, but the show could never live up to the drama and other events that actually occurred). I almost felt like her time in New York was a waste of time by the 6th season, but that's my opinion I suppose.

    Then, there was the whole Kurt/Blaine ordeal. I know a lot of people like them together, but I honestly don't see the connection between the two as I might have when they first started out. Blaine was a confident and strong guy when the show first started out. Now he's whiny and petty, to be completely honest. I can say that Kurt is a bit more mature than he is in some areas now whereas it wasn't like that before. There's the fact they are always fighting over something. They get together, break up, then get together, then break up and so forth (an exaggeration, but you should get the gist of it). The only reason I can see that they get back together each and every time is because they're holding onto the idea of them being each other's first love (amongst other firsts). I'm not saying that it's unreasonable, but with the way their relationship has been going I believe they don't need to get back together. I can see more of a plot in Seblaine than I do in Klaine at the moment. At least it would bring something new to the table and isn't as disturbing as Karofsky and Blaine. Come on!

    Speaking of the whole Klaine ordeal. Anyone want to explain to me why out-of-the-blue Sue has come out with a disturbing interest in seeing Kurt and Blaine together? There was no reference in the past that she supported their relationship in the way that she does. I honestly think, since the last episode with the whole puppet-elevator thing, that this was just the producers' way of getting them back together. By what? Forcing them? They didn't need to get back together, to go off my previous point of why. There's nothing there anymore. I feel like the whole Klaine arc is just a fan service to try and boost the ratings. If they were going to do it, why'd they have to go about it that way? Why on mother's earth is Blaine dating Karofsky? If he's willing to date the person that tormented Kurt in high school about being gay, while secretly being gay himself, then he might as well have dated Sebastian (who was more open about the fact that he was gay or bi). It would have brought more of a plot to the whole season. Especially since Kurt was hoping that Blaine wasn't dating Sebastian. The whole idea was just inconsiderate, to be completely honest. I felt it was going somewhere with the whole Kurt and the older guy thing. I feel like that's what Kurt needs and not someone like him, because they'd only butt heads. Someone older who has more experience and knows when to take a step back or take a step forward. No, I don't hate Blaine. He's one of my favorites, actually, but I just can't see him with Kurt any longer. I think they need different people. Someone who is not Karofsky, who needs someone entirely different than they.

    There's also the slow degeneration of Will Schuester from a competent Spanish teacher and a fun, loving, and considerate Glee captain to an incompetent Spanish teacher (how?) and a more harsh and possibly pedophilic captain. Remember how he temporarily banned Marley from Glee (In the Katy vs. Gaga episode) because she was being herself? HERSELF? That's what Glee has been about from the beginning. Being yourself. Not being able to be someone else in the spur of the moment just to satisfy some goal of the day. She didn't feel comfortable being a Gaga, so she chose to remain a Katy. There was nothing wrong with that. Yet, he temporarily banned her because of it and made it seem like she couldn't follow his rude directions. It's not like she'd been there since the beginning like the other old direction-ers. She didn't have the time to get used to the idea of opening herself to other roles than what he expected her to. It was a complete flop in his character, really.

    My biggest pet peeve is that despite the episodes that show the new members coming into Glee during this season (the 6th) there has not been as much focus on them as it has been in the last five. I don't see the point of them at all. I hardly see them except during the small clips of their reactions or whatnot. Another interesting plotline would have been the incest couple thing. Yes, it's controversial, but that's what would have made it a good plotline to follow up on. Instead, they're focusing on relationships between old characters. What's the point of trying to revive a Glee club if you hardly show the Glee club? I've seen more the Warblers than I have the Glee club the entire season, which I'm partially fine with since I love their group ;)

    The show started to fall after the Old Direction-ers left and now it's just hit rock bottom. I'm not surprised there haven't been as many people watching. I don't want to watch a show that's now solely based on fan-favorite couples, marriage, and unattached plotlines. It's like bad fanfiction, which I dislike very much, mind you (bad fanfiction that is).

  • Amazing

    I admit Glee had went down in Season 4, but its resilience really shows in Season 6. Perfect 10 for me.
  • Best Dramedy Show Ever!

    The show, "Glee", is very funny and sad. I'm a little upset to know the show'll be over.
  • Eureka!

    Just realized why I stopped watching don't like I think they're trying to make her more of the "IT" girl than she actually is. I like Becky more!

    I find myself watching out of loyalty more than anything else. The best music I've heard so far (I'm catching up) was their Billy Joel tribute.

    I like it best when the jump back to the old cast. The cast they have now is boring and a lot less talented. I look forward to hearing Blaine, Unique and Artie.moreless
  • Glee's new direction ...

    Perhaps it's only me, but I really don't like Glee switching to New York only. It was annoying enough that some of the "old" staff graduated and almost never to be seen again (Quinn, Puck but I started to like Marley and Unique and Jack and Ryder and so on and I liked it when they sang, and watching Mr Shue, but I don't like the New York switch and the storylines.moreless

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    Hey, that wasn't half-bad!

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