Season 5 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2014 on FOX

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  • Brittana!

    That's all. So happy to see Britt and Santana back together again! LOVED "Valerie"
  • Good singing/Bad writing

    I liked most of the episodes performances. It was wonderful to see Harry and Heather dance again. It was interesting to see some of the classic in a new dress. S1 Defing Gravity will forever be one of the best performances ever. The new version was a good one and Kurt won the Diva off hands down. There was too little of Kurt in the episode though.

    Seeing where Quinn was in her life was interesting. But that is about it as far as actual story goes. This episode's music numbers reminded me why i fell in love with the show in S1 and also reminded me why I quit a year later with the terrible no good writing