Season 2 Episode 10

A Very Glee Christmas

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2010 on FOX

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  • A Very Glee Christmas...

    This episode gets into the christmas spirit with some christmas classics including Wham Last Christmas and a new song...'Sue the Grinch' (yes Sue in green face paint and Becky as a reindog..they do exist).
    This episode is very sweet,adorable and shows the softer side of the characters. Brittany steals the spotlight, with her belief in Santa and Artie's desire to keep her believing. although which backfires when he finds out that Brittany has asked Santa for him to be able to walk again. This combines some humourous and touching scenes. This is one of my favourite episodes, which really does get you in the christmas spirit!
  • This christmas episode is full of christmas numbers to sing along too

    I love this episode for many reasons. I feel the cast and crew got it just right by putting in a nice episode but still containing all the problems the Glee club face. I thought Rachel and Finn singing Last Christmas was very impressive as well as Kurt and Blaine's rendition of Baby it's cold outside. I am so happy that Sue Sylvester was the grinch because as soon as I knew what this episode was about, I pictured Sue being like that and she was. I don't know if you agree but I like Sue from the witty remarks she makes and her personality, being so different from all the other cast members and I think Sue definitely did not disappoint. I also loved the storylines in the episode. I felt sorry for Rachel, when Finn rejected her and I thought that the storyline with Brittany was creative. Overall, an episode where everything is spot on and just what we needed after watching a tense episode at Sectionals the week before
  • A Christmas episode.. Glee style!

    If you could envision an episode of Glee that would encapsulate Christmas, it would probably end up just like this episode. Overall, there was no big surprises here; everything happened as I assumed it would happen, and besides a couple of good renditions of songs and some random lines from different characters, we had a pretty cut and paste episode this week. There was just about nothing in the way of advancing the story, and we just got a stand alone plot involving Sue pretending to be the Grinch and ruining Christmas. Predictable, but pretty entertaining in spots.

    I thought it was completely insane that Brittany would not know Santa didn't exist. She's obviously a empty-minded girl, but I didn't think it was THIS bad. And the group's attempts to keep her believing was a bit strange and seems like bad reinforcing behavior for friends to show.

    I also hope the Rachel and Finn relationship doesn't get dragged out. I've been hearing through the grapevine that some people are going to be breaking up and getting together, and I just hope Ryan Murphy doesn't screw around with the dynamic of the show too much. It's enough to have one or two couples fighting to stay together.. we don't need ANOTHER one.

    Not bad, but I'm just looking forward to the Super Bowl episode at this point.
  • the christmas episode chock full of excellent songs. Rachel and Finn break up, Sue is a grinch who stuffs the secret csatna hat with her own name

    i am not going to go into a long rant like most people do. Rachel gets on my nerves. of the seven female glee club members i only like three. Mercedes, Tina and the charater who just joined Glee Club i forget her name.

    my favorite song in the chritmas episode is their version of the song from the end of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

    I hope there's a christmas episode in season three. because i love christmas episodes of all the shws i watch.

    I love Glee because I love musicals and well written shows. May Glee have a long successful run
  • Kurt are Blaine stealing the show! Their duo in this episode is simply FANTASTIC!! Kudos for Sue's The Grinch.

    Well, so far I haven't liked any Glee specials. It seems the writers take an alternative track and all the rest is left behind. Glee Club singing around the tree was right. But the greatest moment for me was when Kurt and Blaine sang in duo. It was not REALLY a Christmas song, but it worked for the scene. They were both PERFECT!! Chris Colfer is taking a big responsability on his shoulders by playing Kurt. I'm waaay past being a teenager and this character touches me deeply. I hope he becomes a role model to many out there who don't see themselves as the macho type. Way to go!
  • A Very Glee Suckfest...


    Well, this was just painful. A blatant infomercial for the GLEE Christmas album with only the barest thread of a plot to tie it all in together. Dumbest moment? Where to even start?

    * Sue acting the Secret Santa Grinch. Obvious to the point of absurdity. Oh, and how about Will's defiant *taking the phone off the wall* as he stormed out of her office? Wow, big man. Take THAT, Sue!

    * Will's godawful sweater vest, and apparent homelessness this holiday season. (What, did his parents die since we met them in Season 1? But his Dad is also Sidney Bristow's dad from ALIAS! Nothing short of a bomb could take out that guy.)

    * Rachel's winsome attempts at reconciliation with Finn, leading to several unbelievable production-numbery ballads.

    * The uncontested singing of Christmas songs in a public school (especially after the recent "Grilled Cheesus" incident) and -- in related idiocy -- the matching holiday sweaters the Glee kids wore for the in-class caroling that also saw a *teacher* throwing a shoe at the club. (Not sure which is more ridiculous, but probably the shoe thing.)

    * Finn's general tiresomeness, especially in his speech to the assembled teachers.

    * Sue *dressed as the Grinch*, with Becky as the reindog. Just... ick.

    * The whole "Gift of the Magi" thing. Since they apparently hadn't studied this tale in school, the kids' knowing references to it are a BIG stretch. (Plus, I *have* read it, Mr. Shue, and I don't think it means what you think it means. You know O. Henry's a satirist, right?)

    * Brittany and her mindless belief in Santa's magical powers -- not to mention her nonsensical appearance as Cindy Lou Who. Brittany is being made to seem more and more developmentally delayed each week, which makes her celebrated sexual exploits way more like *exploitation* of the mentally challenged; so wrong in so many ways.

    * Rachel and Puck's aggressive participation in a Christian ritual despite their avowed devotion to their Judaism. Hannukah schmannukah, it seems.

    * Artie's Christmas miracle, which NO ONE on a teacher's salary could afford, even if it was commercially available at present, which it is NOT: those Rewalk things will cost upwards of $100K when they get out of the testing phase *in a year or two*. (Although... SO COOL that this technology exists. Logan Cale had something similar on DARK ANGEL.)

    * The "God bless us, everyone!" ending. So sickly sweet as to bring on Type II diabetes. And are we seriously to believe that all those kids' parents are cool with them hanging out at a teacher's house on Christmas Eve? And if that's the case, why no Kurt? Don't he and Finn live together now, since their parents got married?

    As to the songs... I guess they mostly weren't bad, just badly chosen. Of the ones that WERE bad, the garishly overproduced and bizarrely executed "Island of Misfit Toys", with which the episode kicked off, takes the prize. Also, 2009's GLEE iTunes Christmas release, "Last Christmas", was shoe-horned into the pseudo-plot shamelessly (really, show? A tree lot?), and what was up with k. d. lang singing "You're a Mean One, [Sue the] Grinch", exactly? Random.

    To the good: well, Kurt and Blaine's duet, "Baby, it's Cold Outside", was definitely the musical highlight, and Jayma Mays was looking especially fetching in holiday colors during Emma's brief screen time, but otherwise, I can't think of a single other thing to recommend this piece of utter pablum.

    There *were* a couple of funny quotes though -- from Artie and Mike Chang, respectively. First, Artie says he asked his parents for just one thing this year: "Stop friend requesting me on Facebook." Don't we all know that pain? And then Mike, when sitting on Santa's knee, makes this Christmas wish: "I want Channing Tatum to stop being in stuff." This last is funny anyway, but when one considers that Tatum was the star of the first STEP UP movie and that Harry Shum Jr. appeared as a supporting player in its two sequels, I call that GOLD.

    Too bad the rest of the episode was nothing more than mp4 download-selling dross. Bah humbug, GLEE. As some McKinley kid "subjected" to your melodious caroling cried out in anguish, but in his case for no apparent good reason: "You're making me hate Christmas!"
  • Sue devises a plan to steal Christmas in a recreation of the Grinch. Artie and Co. team up to prove to Brittany that Santa Claus still exists. Rachel and Finn's relationship comes to an end (again).

    After last week's amazing episode, which personally, I felt should have ended things until the return, Glee comes back again this week and hits a bunch of great moments here and there, mixed in with some ridiculous melodramatic moments and some scenes that feel rushed and don't work. The main story of the week is the fact that Brittany still believes in Santa Claus and she asks Santa for Artie to be able to walk for Christmas. Artie enlists Quinn, Sam, Santana, Tina, Mercedes, Mike, and new member Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink) into helping him make her believe. This leads to a lot of great comedic moments such as Tina asking for Asian Santa and Lauren asking for "Puckerman to love her because he's a fox". This all leads up to Artie, Sam, and Mike enlisting Coach Beiste to pretend to be Santa and tell Brittany that she can't make Artie walk again. Coach Beiste agrees which leads to a good moment where Coach Beiste gives a sweet story about her childhood, but Brittany doesn't seem to understand. The character who I find to be the most inconsistent of all the characters on the show (other than Will) is Sue. In "Journey", she was helping the Glee Club. Then, in "The Substitute" she took over as principal and tried to get rid of the Glee Club. Then, in "Never Been Kissed" she was an advocator against teen bullying. In, "Furt", she told her mom off for being a bully. And now, in this episode, she goes back to her evil ways and tries to steal Christmas for both the Glee club and little children. Then, after she destroys the Christmas tree amongst a k.d. Lang song, she suddenly has a change of heart when the kids go all Whoville on her. The reenactment of the story of the Grinch was great and Becky looked like she was having a lot of fun as Max the Reindog, but it seems so out of character it was just ridiculous. The storyline which should have been done last week was Finn and Rachel. They broke up in one of the most anti-climatic breakups ever but now they come back and rehash that same story line to "Last Christmas". The way it ended in "Special Education" was decent and should have not been rehashed. It seemed really redundant. I don't know what is going on with Will and Emma anymore because Emma seems to be unsure about if she should've married Carl (John Stamos) as inferred by the look she gave at the end of "Special Education" but at the same time, it doesn't appear John Stamos is going anywhere either. I have a hunch that Terri is pregnant (after her and Will's sick day during the Gwenyth Paltrow episode) but since Will told her to leave and never come back, she's not going to tell Will. This love pentagon between Will, Emma, Terri, Carl, and Holly Holiday is getting crazy and seeing as Gwenyth Paltrow is returning in the spring season, I'm sure things are going to shake up again. Plus, whatever happened to Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel) and April Rhodes (Kristin Chenoweth) who are supposed to be back this season. And where is Charice and the Vocal Adrenaline coach?

    The story line that got the least amount of time was Kurt's. It's kind of ironic how they hammer Kurt's story line into us weak after weak and then it comes time for the winter finale and we get one scene with Kurt. I must commend Darren Criss (Blaine) because he is doing a great job. He did an excellent job in A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, and Little White Lie so I had no doubt in him. I think Will was being a little self-centered to go see Kurt just to ask for fashion advice. The end was very nice. I loved how Coach Beiste gave Artie the Walker even though it is unrealistic. Sue switched back into nice Sue and gave Will a Christmas with rest of the club. It was sweet. I must say, I love Artie and Brittany as a couple way more than I liked Artie and Tina. The music for the episode was decent but some of the songs on the album that weren't used should've been. Especially, "Deck the Rooftop" and "God Rest Ye Marry Gentlemen". I also think that Quinn's voice should've been utilized more on the album because her voice has improved so much from "You Keep Me Hanging On". "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" and "Marry You" are my two favorite Quinn songs. I personally think that Mercedes is the one character being cheated out of screen time right now. All of the originals (Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Artie, and Tina) all have decent sized story lines but Mercedes seems to be taking a backseat. I'm hoping that Ryan Murphy knows what he is doing filming holiday episodes for every holiday. What's he going to do next season? Halloween and Christmas are done and Super Bowl and Valentine's Day are coming up. Plus, I can't wait for the return of Gwenyth Paltrow. And I heard that Anne Hathaway is coming to Glee? That's exciting. 8.5 Good.
  • Gleeful Christmas

    This is the first episode I've been truly disappointed with. The songs seemed disjointed and out of place, almost stuffed into the episode. They just didn't flow like they normally do.

    When Sue rigged the Secret Santa, it seemed natural. That's Sue. It was funny. Everything after that was downhill. I didn't recognize her anymore. Dressing up as the Grinch? Completely unbelievable, even in the world of Glee.

    I like Mercedes. Can we give her a story line that consists of more than a tator tot please???

    The Finn and Rachel story line was unneccessary. They "officially" broke up? Wasn't last week's break up "official?" It was nice to see Rachel humble and it was great that Finn didn't cave. But the same thing could have been accomplished with a few meaningful looks. Then again, I guess it was needed in order to get two more Christmas carols out of the episode.

    And lastly, Brittany. I love her, but she's like cheesecake. The first few bites are wonderful, but then you start to feel sick. I like her comments peppered in out of the blue. It makes them that much more funny. However, on the flip side, I will say if anyone could have pulled off a ridiculous story line, it's Heather Morris. I found myself laughing even as I was rolling my eyes. The writers may have squeaked by this time, but I wouldn't want to see more Brittany story lines. Otherwise her character will become just an idiot. (By the way, the Artie/Brittany thing is getting kind of creepy. He's a great FRIEND but her childlike behavior makes him become kind of like a fatherly figure and it's just weird to think they're sleeping together.)

    Even with the disappointment, still a fan. Can't wait for the Superbowl episode.
  • Glee is Glee once more! Hallelujah!

    Now that's the Glee dreams are made of. I am so relieved that Glee is getting back to normal. Can't wait for next run of episodes. This was our last hope for Glee being a decent show again and I am thankful the writers came through. Great job to all involved! In the beginning I didn't think Glee would be very good but the characters touched us and became a must watch. Then the last three episodes were Twilight Zone Glee... Where did all the good Glee go? All the heart and love of Glee came crashing through the doors of Christmas.

    With love... the Pink Spot family!
  • Glee is really back,after a few mistakes last week.

    Glee is a show about union and integration,this episode delivery to us just that.High school drama plus christmas feels good.A Very Glee Christmas brought to us touching scenes,magic and passion.Artie and the ReWalk,Brittany's wish.A few episodes before,Glee was trying sell to us something that it isn't,and after Furt,Special Education and Very Glee Christmas,i'm changing my mind.Now I'm looking forward to the episode after SuperBowl.Hoping that the new episode in February,be fantastic as this one.

    Best Music : Last Christmas(Finchel)
    Best Character in this episode : Beiste
    Best Scene : Artie and the ReWalk.
    Best Episode of the Season : Furt.
    Cute Moments : Kurt and Blaine.
  • Glee + Christmas = Perfection

    Finally. After 10 episodes of season 2, Glee is definitely back! This episode was perfect. Really.
    The songs were magical. Britany once again showed us how great her character is. One of the bests actually! And the end! I just didn't see it coming. It was amazing.

    I love Christmas. And I love Glee. And I have always wanted to see a Glee Christmas episode, because these two things really match! In my opinion, this season is Glee's best, because it really is for true fans. So if you aren't enjoying it, please think twice before trashing on glee. I seriously hate people who just say Glee isn't like last year, or that they are focusing on one character. Explain this to me, because I don't get it. What's the point in a tv show to do the exact same thing all the time? What were you expecting for season 2? Another finn-rachel-quinn love triangle? Or another Will-Terry-Emma love confusion? Or Sue always trying to destroy Glee Club?
    The good thing in a tv show is how it develops and how the story evolves! If you want a show that stays the same, watch CSI or something. I'm sick and tired of this. If you don't like it, fine. But don't go and talk like you speak for all of Glee fans, when you don't. Merry Christmas ;)
  • Gotta love a Glee Christmas episode! Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. :)

    This was a great Glee episode. The very first thing I have to point out is Sue. Now of course, I could see the whole rigged secret santa thing in the beginning but when she messed up Glee's Christmas decorations and took the presents I was in disbelief. I never believed Sue would stoop so low, but even the Grinch had a heart at the end. I'm still rooting for Finn and Rachel but I do understand how hurt he is with her right now but I hope they get back together real soon. Brittany is such a cute character. I loved how she still believed in Santa Claus and how everyone around her still wanted her to keep the faith. You just can't help but smile with her. Lastly, Coach Beiste, she is by far one of the most awesome people on the show. I loved how she agreed to be Santa and still somewhat managing to fulfill Brittany's wish for Artie (something I really didn't see coming). This episode put me in the Christmas even more than I already was.
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