Season 3 Episode 3

Asian F

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

Mr. Schue is still aggressively trying to get whip New Directions into shape. At a booty camp meeting, he pushes Mercedes too hard and she walks out. Santana is back in the club, by the way.

Feeling down, Mercedes is convinced that she can't beat Rachel for the part of Maria in West Side Story. Her new football boyfriend tells her she needs to believe she's better than Rachel. Mercedes takes the advice to heart and shows up to her audition dressed like a leading lady and kills it. The competition is on.

Mr. Schue wants to meet Emmas parents and Coach Beaste wants the team to take ballet lessons to be better coordinated.

Of course the team looks to Mike Chang for dance move instruction, but Mike has his own problems. He got an A-minus on a test (aka an Asian F), and his dad wants him to quit glee and dancing and focus on his studies. Tina catches Mike dancing by himself and tells him he has to pursue his dreams.

Initially Kurt doesn't seem worried that Brittany is running against him for class president because he's way ahead in the polls. But then Brittany and her friends put on a super-charged grrl power performance at the school assembly, and it looks like the dancer will be a formidable candidate afterall.

Meanwhile, Rachel is seriously worried Mercedes will get the Maria part. Emma, Beaste, and Artie decide to have a callback audition with both Mercedes and Rachel singing "Out Here on My Own" from the movie Fame. Mercedes kills it again, though the two do seem equally matched in talent. Worried she won't get the part, Rachel decides she needs to become senior class president in order to get into the performing arts college in New York.

Though he's upset that his confidante is running against him, Kurt is nothing but supportive of Blaine's bid for the lead in the school musical. He also thinks it's important he win the election over Rachel and Brittany because he hopes to make a real difference at the high school for other gay students.

Schue goes behind Emma's back an invites her parents over for dinner. When she comes home and sees them in the living room, she seems worried and upset. During dinner, Emma's odd parents talk of nothing else than their preference for red-heads, except when they make fun of Emma for having OCD. Schue accuses them of coming across a bit racist and cruel to their daughter. Sticking up for Emma so assertively is likely to gird sweet Emma's loins.

Mike Chang gets caught by his mom in the dance studio. She came looking for him when she found out he ditched his tutoring session. To his surprise, she sympathizes with him and tells him they'll both talk to his father together. With newfound courage, Chang gives an awesome audition for the role of Riff.

The moment of truth arrives when Rachel and Mercedes are called in to meet with the judges for the school musical. The panel announces that they're going to double-cast the show and give them equal stage time playing Maria. Mercedes, who has been angry the whole episode that she has been living in Rachel's shadow for too long, doesn't want the part if she has to share it.

Rachel doesn't like getting the part this way and tells Finn she's going to continue to run for class president anyway.