Season 3 Episode 3

Asian F

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2011 on FOX

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  • What has happened to this show?


    8.5 or 9? No way?

    Glee has gone so off track. What made it a fan favorite was the great
    music sung by energetic, talented young people. This season started
    with the Prom Queen turning herself into a "skank" only to turn herself
    back into a "Prim Queen (typo intentional)" for the sake of her
    illegitimate child.

    Last week was all about West Side Story and who would get the lead,
    featuring a pairing of Rachel and Kurt, the former laughed during Kurt's
    dismal attempt at being masculine.

    This week we are tortured with more of the MHS's casting of West Side

    The highlight was the character development of Mike Chang. Very well
    done. Another bright spot was Brittany's school rally for "Girls". That
    routine was what made Glee great. Energy. Dancing. Fun.

    Lowlights featured an ego-bruised Mercedes. A rueful Rachel. Then the
    whole debacle with Emma's parents. Okay, now we know why she has
    OCD, but is this the end of her and Will?

    Fed up. Last season after each episode I'd run to iTunes to download
    my fav's from this week's episode. At least I'm saving money!

    For me, next week is do or die.

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